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How To Book Your First Custom Tattoo
How To Book Your First Custom Tattoo

Planning to get your first tattoo? Customized designs are the way to go. These will ensure you’re getting exactly what …

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What It’s Like To Get A Tattoo At A Convention

There are about seven tattoo conventions being held on any given month, which gives tattoo lovers and artists plenty of …

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10 Simple Tattoos That Make A Big Statement

Whoever said you have to go all out with your tattoo design? You don’t have to walk out of the …

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Are Digital Tattoos Here To Stay?

A New Breakthrough in Technology: Digital Tattoos It was going to happen sooner or later – the push towards an …

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Why Is Whole Foods Proposing A Tattoo Parlour In Their Grocery Stores?
Whole Foods Is Proposing A Tattoo Parlor In Their Grocery Stores

If you thought Walmart was bad – wait until you see what Whole Foods markets potentially have in store for …

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How To Care For Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos have grown in popularity because they offer a unique look that caters to those looking for softer colors …

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Pros And Cons Of One-Year Temporary Tattoo Ink
Pros And Cons Of One-Year Temporary Tattoo Ink

Up until now, tattoos have been somewhat a lifetime commitment. We say somewhat because there has been an influx of …

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10 Ways To Care For Your New Tattoo

You’ve got some fresh ink, and it looks amazing so, caring for it is a top priority. The slightest mistake …

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10 Presidential Tattoos You Won’t Believe

We’ve heard of people getting tattoos of their children’s faces and sometimes of their spouse or another loved one. We’ve …

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15 Tattoos Celebrities Got Wrong

There’s nothing as hot as great body art. But when good ink goes bad – there’s truly nothing worse – …

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Did You Know Tattooing Helps Relieve the Common Cold?

We’re all actively seeking new ways to stay healthy and boost our immune systems before the cold and flu season …

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Top 5 Spots Tattoos Artists Refuse to Ink

Looking at trending photos of tattoos on sites like Instagram or Pinterest is something we can all easily do, but …

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