10 Ways To Care For Your New Tattoo


10 Ways To Care For Your New Tattoo

You’ve got some fresh ink, and it looks amazing so, caring for it is a top priority. The slightest mistake could mean making another trip to your tattoo artist for touching up. Therefore, it’s essential to follow these 10 ways to care for your new tattoo.

1: Follow Directions

Your tattoo artist will provide explicit directions regarding the care of your tattoo, and you should follow them to the letter. Because we’re all forgetful from time-to-time, they’ll provide you with a care sheet to help you remember the best ways to care for your new tattoo.

2: Don’t Scratch That Itch

The healing process it interrupted each time you scratch a healing tattoo. Therefore, long-term damage to the tattoo is the result. When the peeling stage begins, this is when itching begins. It’s critical to leave this skin, as well as the scabs, alone. Otherwise, the color could damage.

3: Leave the Wrapping Alone

You may feel temptation to open the wrapping for your tattoo and take a look once leaving the tattoo parlor, but you must leave it alone. That way, the color remains intact.

4: Waiting is Critical

You can take the wrapping off two hours, at the minimum, after you’ve left the tattoo parlor. Afterward, wash it off gently with alcohol and fragrance-free soap, your hands, and warm water. Do not rub it dry—gently pat it with tissue paper.

5: Use High-Quality Ointment

While healing, use a thin layer of high-quality ointment to cover your tattoo. Gently rub it in and use the smallest amount possible. If you’re using too much, a rash or small pimples will form. Just clean the area carefully and use less next time.

6: Keep it Wrapped during Showers

When showering, use cling wrap to cover your tattoo. The direct stream of water could have adverse effects during the early stages of healing for your tattoo.

7: You May Need to Adjust

Depending on the location of the tattoo, you may need to make clothing or shoe adjustments for between one and four weeks. If you’re wearing clothing that’s too tight, it’ll rub against your tattoo and disrupt the healing process or cause permanent damage.

8: Avoid Direct Sunlight

While healing, direct sunlight can cause permanent damage to your tattoo. Once it concludes, be sure to apply sunblock in all tattooed areas.

9: Avoid Swimming and Athletics

For at least two weeks, it isn’t a good idea to go swimming when you have a new tattoo. It’s also a good idea to avoid going to the gym, too, depending on how it’s healing.

10: Dress the Bed

New tattoos are notorious for weeping bodily fluids so, for several days you’ll need to be careful when going to bed. You can dress your bed by placing towels down underneath your new tattoo to prevent dirtying your sheets, keep your tattoo clean before bed, and use ointment before retiring for the night.

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