15 Tattoos Celebrities Got Wrong

15 Tattoos Celebrities Got Wrong

There’s nothing as hot as great body art. But when good ink goes bad – there’s truly nothing worse – or more painful! Removal is a bitch so let the following 15 Celeb Tattoo mistakes remind you to think before you ink!

The 15 tattoos that celebs got wrong are:

#15 – Kat Von D’s Jesse James Tattoo

Kat von D is the real queen of the tats. From Miami Ink to LA Ink and countless celebrities in between, this woman knows her stuff. She literally wrote the book on tattoos. Actually, two of ‘em. So perhaps she should’ve known better than to have her cheating ex Jesse James immortalized on her side. A 10-year-old boy version of Jesse James.  Awkward. And, luckily, removable. It’s gone…



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