The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Montreal


The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Montreal

The next stop on our list series is the best tattoo artists in Montreal. The city owns a culture fuelled by the arts, and this very ideal is present in the tattoos inhabiting it’s borders. Putting unique twists on classic styles, Montreal tattooers have made their respective mark on the scene.

Like all of our lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. And that our inclusions and exclusions may be somewhat polarizing. Our goal with these articles is to reflect a grouping of 10 artists in a given area that we are quite fond of – rather than that of all out gospel.

While we do consider this list a grouping of our “best tattoo artists in Montreal” we also want to acknowledge a huge grouping of talented tattoo artists and shops before we begin: Yann Black, Hillary Jane, Nick Oaks, Dalton Slaughter, Alex K’eh, Nicolas Durand, Vince D, Vero, Olivier Julliand, Saving Grace Tattoo, Sin City, Imago, Tattoo Lounge, and Glamort.

Here is a look at our choice for best tattoo artists in Montreal:

Luka LajoieArtrock Tattoo

Luka is a stunning realist and portrait worker nearly unrivalled within the city. His art is crisp and fluid, and surely to never dissapoint. Luka is the owner of Artrock and ushers in an excellent culture containing our next artist in the list, Michael Cloutier. Read our profile on Art Rock Tattoo right here.

A photo posted by Luka Lajoie (@lukalajoie) on

Michael CloutierArt Rock Tattoo

Michael’s work is reminiscent of a painting; brushstrokes, large canvases, and abstract items dominate a landscape of beautiful imagery. We’re not even going to bother labelling his style as it’s truly one of his own. 

Simon Golygowski – POL Tattoo

Well known and respected within the Montreal tattoo scene, Simon is an amazingly versatile artist able to produce a range of styles – he’s incredibly proficient with abstract work, and Japanese. Yet what we really like, is how he’s able to mix these elements into masterpieces like the one you see below.

A photo posted by Simon (@dadahell) on

David Cote – Imperial Tattoo Connexion

David is something special. An an artist unlike few we’ve ever seen, he may have even invented a new style that we can be labelled as Psychedelic Geo-Trad. Often travelling, it’s tough to get a hold of Cote within Montreal – check out his Instagram page where every so often he posts upcoming touring dates. 

A photo posted by David Cote (@thedavidcote) on

Pierre Chapelan – Studio Tattoo Mania

Pierre is a second generation tattooist hailing from France (schooled by renowned tattooist, and father Michel Chapelan). Pierre moved to Montreal in 1997 to open Studio Tattoo Mania. Not only one of the best tattoo artists in Montreal, Pierre is also one of the more influential taste makers as the the organizer of Art Tattoo Montreal, and Art Tattoo Quebec.

A photo posted by Pierre Chapelan (@pierretm) on

Alex Peyrat – Studio Tattoo Mania

Alex has the boldest Japanese style we’ve ever seen. It’s easy for a passive tattoo enthusiast to mistake renowned Japanese artists for one another, but that is certainly not the case with Peyrat. If you’ve seen a Peyrat sleeve, you know exactly who’s work it is. 

A photo posted by Alexpeyrat (@alexpeyrat) on

AZL – MTL Tattoo

AZL specializes in pointillism, ornamental tattooing, and triples as a scarification and piercing artist. He’s a multi-talented individual with over 20 years of experience in each respective field.

A photo posted by AZL (@azlmtl) on

Anam QureshiKustom Kulture

We aren’t the only lovers of Anam’s work; Gathering of the Giants voted Anam first place for “large black and grey” on this Ray Charles portrait and NIX awarded her best “medium black and grey tattoo” in 2014.  It was tough to pick a feature image for the self proclaimed “Boss Lady of Kustom” so take a look through her Instagram for bits of awesome such as Leslie Neilson, Tyler Durden, and Bob Marley.  Find our shop profile for Kustom Kulture right here.


Dave Cummings – PSC Tattoo

Dave Cummings arrived at legendary PSC tattoo in 1990 to learn from shop founder and Canada’s oldest tattoo artist, Tony D’Annessa. Since then, Dave has been lighting up Montreal with jaw dropping large-scale Asian bodywork and crisp imagery.

A photo posted by Dave Cummings (@davepscee) on

Yannick Sasseville – Mile End Tattoos

Yannick is a custom artist with a beautiful style. If you want something you’ve never seen before, you should head to Mile End; Yannick tries not emulate styles of other artists, rather choosing to produce his own visual elements and unique approach. We want to extend A big thank you to Yannick for helping us prepare this article.

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