The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in NYC


The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in NYC

To be one of “the best tattoo artists in NYC” is a big deal. It’s a title we don’t want to give out loosely. New York City has some extremely seasoned shops and renowned artists, so creating this list was nothing short of easy. It at times felt unfair (re: Mike Rubendall  as a snub!).

You can find some great reads on the best tattoo artists in NYC on Refinery, Racked, and Timeout. But we wanted to join the party and create a list of our own.

Due to the difficulty in choosing from such a wide range of talented artists, this list is arranged in no particular order.

Without further adieu, here’s a look at our best tattoo artists in NYC:

Thomas Hooper – Kings Avenue Tattoo

Thomas Hooper is one of the most renowned tattooists in the world let alone the best tattoo artist in NYC. He has a unique style that often incorporates skulls, blackwork, crazy mandalas, geometry, and whatever else his wonderful mind can conjure up. Read our shop profile on Kings Avenue Tattoo right here.

John Sultana – Saved Tattoo

John Sultana creates beautiful designs, breathtaking geometry, and perfect pointillism. You would be hard pressed to find a tattooist more creative for his respective style.

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Kris MagnottiNew York Adorned

If you’re looking for a Japanese sleeve, Tibetan Skull, or some Cherry Blossoms make sure to check out Kris. He specializes in Asian inspired and Japanese traditional tattooing that will surely blow you away. Read our shop overview on New York Adorned right here.

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Becca-Genne Bacon – Hand of Glory Tattoo

Go see Becca if you’re looking for some traditional work. Day in and out she continues to amaze with some of the tightest tattoos we’ve yet to see.

Lalo Yunda – Lalo Tattoos

Lalo’s all over the place. A constant show traveler you can occasionally find Lalo in NYC in between stints where he specializes in his very own brand of “magical realism”.

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Minka SicklingerEast Side Ink

Minka Sicklinger is rad. Fine lines, and minute details make up the majority of her designs. Like the others, Minka has a lot more going on than just her ink. Check out her website and see for yourself. Read our shop review on East Side Ink right here.

Stephanie TamezSaved Tattoo

Formerly at the aforementioned New York Adorned, Stephanie is now one of the co-owners of Saved. A journey-woman, she learned to tattoo in private studios in San Francisco as well as Diamond Club, before joining the New York scene. Read our shop profile on Saved Tattoo right here.

Scott CampbellSaved Tattoo

Scott Campbell is extremely talented. If you don’t believe us, you need to check out his website. It goes way beyond his tattoos. Campbell has been featured in the New York Times, as well as the prestigious 032c magazine out of Berlin. Just like Hooper, naming Scott the best tattoo artist in NYC may not do him justice.

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Josh Egnew – Three Kings Tattoo

Like most on this list, Josh is versatile. It’s hard to bucket him into one style of tattooing, although we do find his Japanese spot on. If you get an appointment with Josh, you really can’t go wrong. Read our shop profile on Three Kings Tattoo right here.

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Daniel AlbrigoThree Kings Tattoo

Three Kings Tattoo gets some love in our books, and rightfully so. They have an insane lineup of guest and resident artists which virtually solidifies them as one of New York’s best shops. Not to be overshadowed, Daniel Albrigo is the latest in a long line of talented tattooists.

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