The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Pittsburgh


The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Pittsburgh

It’s quite difficult to obtain an organized list of the best tattoo artists in Pittsburgh. A search for the item only yields a few results: optimized content for search engines such as these CBS articles, and these shop listings.

While the aforementioned shops are without a doubt deserving – we wanted to shine a light on the artists themselves (the ones lighting up your Instagram accounts day in and out).

As we build these lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. And that our inclusions and exclusions may be somewhat polarizing. Our goal with these articles is to reflect a grouping of 10 artists in a given area that we are quite fond of – rather than that of all out gospel.

While we do consider this list a grouping of our “best tattoo artists in Pittsburgh” we also want to acknowledge a huge grouping of talented tattoo artists before we begin: Josh Suchoza, Mike West, Richie Stutler, Josh Barnsey, Erin Hosefield, Tony Urbanek, Chris Henry, Joe Capone, Justin Palencsar, Brian Corley, Lydia Bruno, Ryan Clark, Todd Cheat, Michael Cippollone, Danny Crowns, Keith McCafferty, Kevin Geerken, Jill KrznaricSeth Moritz, Don McDonald, Jarod Russel and Chris Churchfield.

Without further adieu, here is’s look at the best tattoo artists in Pittsburgh:

Nathan MouldArtisan Tattoo

Nathan is admittedly one of our favorite artists. We’ve featured him twice on the account, and it will be tough to keep him off if the quality of work stays at par. Nathan focuses mainly on sacred geometry, linework, blackwork, and his own original designs. Check out Nathan’s Big Cartel shop for some swag with his designs. Read our profile on Artisan Tattoo right here.


Sarah Miller – Wyld Chyld Tattoos

An amazing photo-realist and runner up on season 2 of Ink Master, Sarah Miller is well known in Pittsburgh. A multi medium artist, her talent isn’t only limited to tattooing, check out her comic, The Valkyries Worde.

Jason Angst – Artisan Tattoo

Artisan tattoo shop is filled with talent. Angst works alongside Mould and adds to the diversity of the shop with a large versatility of style. Jason was born to tattoo, and in his own words – his “eyes and hands are yours if you will have them“.

A photo posted by jason angst (@jasonangst) on

Pete Larkin – Kyklops Tattoo

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a trad artist or two. Pete helps us fill the gap with his wicked talent and clean lines. There’s an awesome representation of his skill on his page  – we just chose to showcase this image for obvious Pittsburgh reasons.


Dmitry Vision – Blood Lines Gallery

A self taught hyper-realistic artist, Dmitry’s attention to detail is quickly making the artist a household name. Even though he’s only been tattooing for a total of four years.

A photo posted by Dmitry Vision (@dmitryvision) on


Whitney Seanor – Bloodlines Gallery

It would not be fair to build this list without Whitney. over the last few years she’s taken home 1st place at Pittsburgh’s Meeting of the Marked Tattoo Convention based on her stunning black and grey realism. Big shout outs to Seth Holmes, we really wanted him in here but didn’t want to dominate the list with Bloodlines.


Jason Lambert – Black Cat Tattoos

Loaded with colorful peonies, maple leaves, chrysanthemums and Hannya, Lambert’s bold and bright japanese work stands out from the crowd. Black Cat Tattoos is owned by by Lambert and his talented wife, Cara Cable.

A photo posted by Jason Lambert (@tattoozen) on

Lu Skywalker – Wyld Chyld Tattoo

Want to hear something cool? Lu is actually licensed from Lucasfilm LTD, to be one of a few tattooers to produce officially licensed StarWars tattoos. He also has licensing rights from Marvel and Stan Lee. So if you’re looking for a portrait of one of your favorite superheroes, you know exactly who to see.


Luke Romaniw – True Image Tattoo

We’re giving Luke Romaniw some props for his incredibly crisp trad-work. He’s a doesn’t have a huge following on the Instamachine, but we hope to see that change in the near future. Give him a follow!

A photo posted by Luke Romaniw (@lromaniw) on


Hannah Aitchinson – Curiosity Shop Tattoo

These articles are built to be Instagram focused. We couldn’t find an account for Hannah but really wanted to include her, so we are. As one of the best tattoo artists in Pittsburgh, Hannah has become one of the most recognizable as a Judge on TV’s “Best Ink”. She specializes in bold, colorful, illustrative work including portraits, pin-ups and classic Americana. Here’s an awesome read on Hannah’s work from the Tattoo Tourist.

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