The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Memphis

best tattoo artists in memphis

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Memphis

By Kailyn McLeod

Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, and Tattoos. It’s Memphis, baby. There’s a long standing history of tattoo shops, and amazing tattoo artists in Memphis, and we’re happy to be able to share.

Like the other lists we’ve compiled, this one is wholly subjective (and full of totally inspiring ink).

Without further adieu, here’s our list for the 10 best tattoo artists in Memphis:

Claire – Underground Art, Inc.

Underground Art, Inc. describes itself as “woman-owned, vegan-friendly, diversity-loving [and] book-reading.” Finally, a studio whose compassion and ethics reflect their beautiful ink.

We’re going bananas over Claire’s work. 🍌 💖


Jake Meeks – Fireside Tattoo Network 

Tattooing since 1996, Meeks is not only an incredibly talented tattoo artist, he’s also a long-time educator. Fireside Tattoo Network is dedicated to producing educational tattoo videos, podcasts and courses. 🌹 👨🏼‍🏫

Healed except the bottom rose.

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Tony Max – No Regrets

Tattooist at No Regrets and author/artist of the comic series The Golden Silence, Tony is a multi-talented artist. Whether the canvas is skin or paper, he always produces stunning works of art. ⚓️ 🎨

@rabideyes done it

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Dave Vernon – No Regrets

The second artist on our list from the No Regrets studio, Dave’s endearing work is always amusing (and sometimes, even a little bit tongue-in-cheek). 📽 🎬

#wip #joker #tattoo @noregretsmemphis #thekillingjoke #brianbolland #batman #dc #smile

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Vanessa Waites – Underground Art, Inc.

This tattooist describes herself as a “Mother/Illustrator/Teacher/Tattooer.” Her works are vibrant, whimsical, and seriously badass. Break open your piggy bank and book an appointment with this lovely artist today! 🐷 💕

#somepig #tattoo #compassion #vegantattoo

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Cypress Pegram – Trilogy Tattoos

We knew we had to highlight this Memphis artist’s Elvis-inspired piece when we saw it on Instagram. Tour Graceland, stop in to see Cypress, and get inked. 😉 🎤

Happy Elvis week! ✨👑✨

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Cole Pittman – Trilogy Tattoos

Trilogy Tattoo is killing it, so we had to include another one of their artists! Cole’s pieces, whether quirky or occult, are seriously impressive. ⚰️ 👻


Sarah Workman nee Forbess  – Underground Art Inc.

Underground Art Inc. makes our list AGAIN. This time, it’s thanks to their talented artist Sarah, whose mythical and beautiful pieces of tattoo art have us feeling charmed. 🔮 🦄

A great start by Sarah! #wip #unicorn #readysetgo #workinprogress #memphistattooartist #choose901 #cooperyoung #memphis #901

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Myke – Inked Memphis

This tattooist is a proud father who loves his friends and family. Nothing but good vibes here! ⛰ 🌲


Ivy Dinosaur – Inked Memphis

Topping off our list is none other than Ivy from Inked Memphis, whose colorful and fun tats never take themselves too seriously. 🌙 🎀

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Memphis

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