The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Nashville

best tattoo artists nashville

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Nashville

By Kailyn McLeod

It’s no secret that Nashville is home to a thriving music scene, but if it’s tattoos that are music to your ears, has you covered.

Like the other lists we’ve compiled, this one is wholly subjective (and full of totally inspiring ink).


Chad Koeplinger – Adventure Tattoo

Chad’s tattoos are vivid and often incorporate bright colors that make his designs come alive. This Nashville artist has been tattooing for two decades!

Heather Cherish – Lotus Tattoo

Just take a look at that clean lettering. Need I say more?

Even Heather’s tattoo studio is amazing – we love the wall art collage featuring Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam and a taxidermy spider.

Just a little lettering

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Marty McEwen – Black 13 Tattoo

Marty’s portfolio includes quite a few different horror-themed tats. If you’re not into the occult, don’t worry. He’s got killer skills to create any kind of tattoo.

This tattoo is giving me serious Bates Motel vibes. That neon pink is glowing.

Ryan Stockton – Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor

Located right in the heart of downtown Nashville, Ryan’s detailed designs are artful, fun, and sometimes even a little bit cheesy.

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Louie Lopez – ArtWerks 

Louie has it all… expert shading, attention to detail, and above all, happy clients.

Evan Davis – Private Studio

Stick and poke fans rejoice. Evan is a professional tattoo artist whose stunning pieces don’t scream D.I.Y.


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Nathan Fisher – Black 13 Tattoo

If you’re anything like the tattoo-aficionados at, you love watercolor tattoos. For wonderful watercolor tats in Nashville, look no further than Nathan.

Kirk George – Black 13 Tattoo

Kirk is our third(!) artist from Black 13 Tattoo to be featured in our top-10 list.

It’s obvious that the Black 13 team has plenty of talent. Just check out the Frida Kahlo tattoo below.

P.S. We’re loving that unibrow, are you?


Chipper Harbin – Safe House Tattoo

In his Instagram bio, Chipper describes himself as a storyteller. We couldn’t think of a better phrase to describe this Nashville artist’s eloquent work.

Visual storytelling at its very best.

-Nomista- @safehousetattoo

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Shannon Wages – Sage and Serpent Tattoo 

Shannon is the talented artist behind the up-and-coming tattoo shop Sage and Serpent.

She’s got a rich portfolio, but we knew this Hunter S. Thompson/Ralph Steadman inspired piece was destined to top off our list.

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