The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Milwaukee

Best Tattoo Shops In Milwaukee

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Milwaukee

We love Milwaukee, and one thing this city has in spades is talented tattoo artists and amazing tattoo shops. But it makes sense that the city that’s home to Harley-Davidson’s headquarters should have some good tattoo studios, and Milwaukee doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking to get some new ink and only want to go with the best, try out one of these top-rated shops in town.

Honorable Mentions: Milwaukee is full of great tattoo shops and artists, but not everybody could make the list. If you’re looking for a new piece in the city, these shops also deserve a shout-out: Old Salt Tattooers, Jedi Tattoo, Serenity Ink Tattoo, Twisted Tattoo Co., and Shogun Tattoo.

1. Adambomb Gallerie

The story: Adambomb Gallerie was created by two Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design grads who have a passion for tattooing. They’re creative, patient, and love sketching out custom work for clients. And they aren’t afraid to take the time to make sure your vision comes to life in ink.

The artists: Adam Werther and Laurent M.

2. Moving Shadow Ink

The story: The architect behind Moving Shadow Ink is Mario Zapata, an ink master when it comes to landscapes, portraits, and awesome designs. The shop has been around since 2009, and in that time they’ve won plenty of awards, including Milwaukee’s best tattoo shop.  

The artists: Mario Zapata, Nina Blasnig, Luke Van Dyke, Jon Dough, Cisco, and Sammy Limon

3. Custom Tattoo

The story: The baby of tattoo artist Greg Foster and graphic designer Rebecca Stewart, Custom Tattoo is consistently voted as one of the best tattoo parlors in the city. You won’t find any flash on the walls here, because true to the name, Custom Tattoo only focuses on custom-designed pieces for each client.

The artists: Greg Foster and Rebecca Stewart     

4. Solid State Tattoo

The story: Solid State Tattoo has been around since 2004, and in that time they’ve amassed quite the following of happy and loyal customers. The artists are experienced, talented, and dedicated to their work.

The artists: Jon Reiter and Josh Howard

5. Waukesha Tattoo Company

The story: A relative newcomer to the Milwaukee tattoo scene, Waukesha Tattoo Company opened its doors in 2010. But in the few years they’ve been around, they’ve wasted no time building a reputation for themselves as one of the best and most upscale tattoo shops around.

The artists: George Wang, Barry Jaeger, Leah Borkenhagen, and Gerardo Soto

6. Cutthroat Tattoo

The story: Around since 2005, Cutthroat Tattoo has a number of tricks up their sleeves to set themselves apart from the competition, including that they welcome walk-ins with open arms, and they’re open seven days a week. On top of that, they also have several great artists working there, and they make client satisfaction a priority.

The artists: Adrian Luna, Steve, and Harry

7. Brew City Tattoo

The story: Another one of Milwaukee’s award-winning tattoo shops, Brew City Tattoo has a number of talented and versatile artists. Operating since 2011, this shop specializes in a number of tattoo styles, including Japanese, traditional, portraits, tribal, and much more.

The artists: Andre Luna, Brian Kiesner, Jon Murray, and Josh Krstic

8. Rockstar Tattoo & Co.

The story: Rockstar Tattoo prides itself on professionalism, safety, and great customer experiences. They love working with custom pieces, re-workings, and creating tattoos from pictures and ideas.

The artists: Brock Steven, Patrick, Ashley Neumann, Peter Silva III, Dan Gietzel, and Erik Nelson

9. Horseshoe Tattoo

The story: Horseshoe Tattoo has been in the area since 2008, but they moved to their current location in Bayview back in 2012, when they outgrew their original space. Their work is diverse, and the artists specialize in a variety of different styles, such as tribal, portraits, traditional, and black and white.

The artists: Kyle Cook, Jason Stedman, Scottie Senda, and Richie Murry

10. Saints and Sinners Tattoo

The story: The artists at Saints and Sinners are known for their patience as much as their talent, so it’s no wonder this shop gets such great reviews from customers. Take your ideas when you go, because Ken and Ryan are great at bringing ideas to life in ink.   

The artists: Ken Faught and Ryan Wetherbee

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