Are BFF Tattoos A Good Idea?

Are BFF Tattoos A Good Idea?

Are BFF Tattoos A Good Idea?

Some believe best friend tattoos, or BFF tattoos, are the greatest thing, while others think it’s the worst idea ever. Remember, a tattoo is something you’re going to live with the rest of your life, unless, of course, you decide to cover it up with something else or can afford tattoo removal. Give this some thought, what if you and your best friend have a falling out, or the friendship ends for an unknown reason? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting matching tattoos so you can decide if BFF tattoos are a smart idea.

Will the Tattoo Continue to Have Meaning?

While the last thing anyone wants to happen is to have a friendship end, especially with a best friend, it’s worth giving some thought. With that being said, if the two of you get matching tattoos, will the one you get still continue to have meaning if your friendship ends? All tattoos should have meaning when they’re picked out so, if there is a falling out, you should still love your tattoo. Be choosey when selecting tattoos with your BFF to ensure it has special meaning to the both of you so each of you will enjoy it for the rest of your lives.

Will it Still Make Sense?

Are you choosing matching tattoos or ones that continue from the other? For example, some BFF tattoos are those that are a sentence that finishes each other when touching. Others are a picture that becomes complete when touching. If your relationship sours with your BFF, will your tattoo still make sense if you decide to keep it without covering it up? If not, consider choosing another tattoo with your BFF if you have concerns about this “con.”

Will it Become a Sad Reminder?

Sometimes, a BFF tattoo could become a sad reminder if something tragic happens to a BFF. No one likes to think about this eventuality, but it could happen. What would happen if you were faced with this kind of reminder? Would you be able to look at this BFF tattoo and think happy thoughts, or would it become a sad reminder of a friendship that once was? If you’re not comfortable with this “con,” then it’s important to reconsider getting a BFF tattoo. If you look at this as a “pro” because you would memorialize your BFF, then it’s time to move forward and select a tattoo the two of you will love.

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