How To Book Your First Custom Tattoo

How To Book Your First Custom Tattoo

How To Book Your First Custom Tattoo

Planning to get your first tattoo? Customized designs are the way to go. These will ensure you’re getting exactly what you want, which increases your chances of being satisfied with the tattoo over the long-term. If you’re getting ready to book your first appointment, then the follow these tips to ensure you’re entering into a deal you won’t regret.

Choose Multiple Artists

You need to do some heavy research in the beginning to find an artist you really like. Picking the first tattoo shop you find on Google isn’t recommended. Take your time to select someone you feel will give you the design you’re looking for.

Pay a Visit to the Shop

Some artists will schedule a consultation before they actually perform the work. But even if they don’t, you should still pay a visit to the shop in advance to determine if it’s cleanly. You don’t want to go to a shop that will make you uncomfortable or risk your safety. If you’re having a consultation, make sure to ask any and all the questions you have.

Have Your Design Ready

Hopefully, you already have some idea of what you want tatted on your body. If so, you need to have this drawn up, so you can show it to the artist. Some artists will draw it out a month or a week in advance and others will do it the night before. Make sure to look it over to ensure it meets your standards.

Pick a Day You’re Schedule is Clear

You don’t want to feel rushed to get your tattoo, and neither should the tattoo artist. This will only increase your chances of getting a mediocre tattoo job. When you’re finally making the appointment, choose a day when you know you will have plenty of free time.

Clean and Moisturize Your Skin

Before your appointment, make sure to clean the area that’s getting tattooed and moisturize it. This will make it easier for it to be tattooed. It’s also good to stay hydrated so drink water before the appointment. It’s also recommended that you take a multi-vitamin to ensure your immune system is in good condition. Remember, a tattoo is a scar that needs to heal, so the better your immune system the quicker it’ll heal. Plus, it will help keep infections at bay.

Make Your Deposit

There is a deposit that you’ll likely have to pay to set your appointment. Just make sure to get there on time. If you back out or reschedule, then do it as soon as possible, so you don’t lose your deposit. Giving the tattoo artist a heads up will also help to build rapport between the two of you, which is always a good thing. After all, he or she will be the one holding a needle to your skin with permanent ink!

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