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best tattoo artists in memphis

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Memphis

By Kailyn McLeod

Blues, Rock ‘n Roll, and Tattoos. It’s Memphis, baby. There’s a long standing history of tattoo shops, and amazing tattoo artists in Memphis, and we’re happy to be able to share.

Like the other lists we’ve compiled, this one is wholly subjective (and full of totally inspiring ink).

Without further adieu, here’s our list for the 10 best tattoo artists in Memphis:

Claire – Underground Art, Inc.

Underground Art, Inc. describes itself as “woman-owned, vegan-friendly, diversity-loving [and] book-reading.” Finally, a studio whose compassion and ethics reflect their beautiful ink.

We’re going bananas over Claire’s work. ? ?


Jake Meeks – Fireside Tattoo Network 

Tattooing since 1996, Meeks is not only an incredibly talented tattoo artist, he’s also a long-time educator. Fireside Tattoo Network is dedicated to producing educational tattoo videos, podcasts and courses. ? ??‍?

Healed except the bottom rose.

A post shared by Jake Meeks (@pluguglyart) on

Tony Max – No Regrets

Tattooist at No Regrets and author/artist of the comic series The Golden Silence, Tony is a multi-talented artist. Whether the canvas is skin or paper, he always produces stunning works of art. ⚓️ ?

@rabideyes done it

A post shared by No Regrets Tattoo Emporium (@noregretsmemphis) on

Dave Vernon – No Regrets

The second artist on our list from the No Regrets studio, Dave’s endearing work is always amusing (and sometimes, even a little bit tongue-in-cheek). ? ?

#wip #joker #tattoo @noregretsmemphis #thekillingjoke #brianbolland #batman #dc #smile

A post shared by SuperDave Vernon (@superdavetattoos) on

Vanessa Waites – Underground Art, Inc.

This tattooist describes herself as a “Mother/Illustrator/Teacher/Tattooer.” Her works are vibrant, whimsical, and seriously badass. Break open your piggy bank and book an appointment with this lovely artist today! ? ?

#somepig #tattoo #compassion #vegantattoo

A post shared by Vanessa Waites (@lochnessamonster) on


Cypress Pegram – Trilogy Tattoos

We knew we had to highlight this Memphis artist’s Elvis-inspired piece when we saw it on Instagram. Tour Graceland, stop in to see Cypress, and get inked. ? ?

Happy Elvis week! ✨?✨

A post shared by Cypress (@cypress_tattoo) on

Cole Pittman – Trilogy Tattoos

Trilogy Tattoo is killing it, so we had to include another one of their artists! Cole’s pieces, whether quirky or occult, are seriously impressive. ⚰️ ?


Sarah Workman nee Forbess  – Underground Art Inc.

Underground Art Inc. makes our list AGAIN. This time, it’s thanks to their talented artist Sarah, whose mythical and beautiful pieces of tattoo art have us feeling charmed. ? ?

A great start by Sarah! #wip #unicorn #readysetgo #workinprogress #memphistattooartist #choose901 #cooperyoung #memphis #901

A post shared by Underground Art, Inc. (@makingmommaproud) on

Myke – Inked Memphis

This tattooist is a proud father who loves his friends and family. Nothing but good vibes here! ⛰ ?


Ivy Dinosaur – Inked Memphis

Topping off our list is none other than Ivy from Inked Memphis, whose colorful and fun tats never take themselves too seriously. ? ?

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Memphis

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best tattoo artists nashville

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in Nashville

By Kailyn McLeod

It’s no secret that Nashville is home to a thriving music scene, but if it’s tattoos that are music to your ears, has you covered.

Like the other lists we’ve compiled, this one is wholly subjective (and full of totally inspiring ink).


Chad Koeplinger – Adventure Tattoo

Chad’s tattoos are vivid and often incorporate bright colors that make his designs come alive. This Nashville artist has been tattooing for two decades!

Heather Cherish – Lotus Tattoo

Just take a look at that clean lettering. Need I say more?

Even Heather’s tattoo studio is amazing – we love the wall art collage featuring Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam and a taxidermy spider.

Just a little lettering

A post shared by Heather Cherish (@tattoosbyheathercherish) on


Marty McEwen – Black 13 Tattoo

Marty’s portfolio includes quite a few different horror-themed tats. If you’re not into the occult, don’t worry. He’s got killer skills to create any kind of tattoo.

This tattoo is giving me serious Bates Motel vibes. That neon pink is glowing.

Ryan Stockton – Pride & Glory Tattoo Parlor

Located right in the heart of downtown Nashville, Ryan’s detailed designs are artful, fun, and sometimes even a little bit cheesy.

#little #pizza #tattoo #traditionaltattoo #colortattoo #eternalink #nashville #nashvilletattoo #tattoos #tattooartist

A post shared by Ryan Stockton ? ( on

Louie Lopez – ArtWerks 

Louie has it all… expert shading, attention to detail, and above all, happy clients.

Evan Davis – Private Studio

Stick and poke fans rejoice. Evan is a professional tattoo artist whose stunning pieces don’t scream D.I.Y.


A post shared by Evan (@evandavistattoo) on


Nathan Fisher – Black 13 Tattoo

If you’re anything like the tattoo-aficionados at, you love watercolor tattoos. For wonderful watercolor tats in Nashville, look no further than Nathan.

Kirk George – Black 13 Tattoo

Kirk is our third(!) artist from Black 13 Tattoo to be featured in our top-10 list.

It’s obvious that the Black 13 team has plenty of talent. Just check out the Frida Kahlo tattoo below.

P.S. We’re loving that unibrow, are you?


Chipper Harbin – Safe House Tattoo

In his Instagram bio, Chipper describes himself as a storyteller. We couldn’t think of a better phrase to describe this Nashville artist’s eloquent work.

Visual storytelling at its very best.

-Nomista- @safehousetattoo

A post shared by Chipper Harbin Tattoos (@chipperharbin) on

Shannon Wages – Sage and Serpent Tattoo 

Shannon is the talented artist behind the up-and-coming tattoo shop Sage and Serpent.

She’s got a rich portfolio, but we knew this Hunter S. Thompson/Ralph Steadman inspired piece was destined to top off our list.

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Tattoo Artists In El Paso

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In El Paso

Naming the best tattoo artists in El Paso is no simple task because there’s an incredible group of talented artists in the city. They have a unique ability to create pure art from ink and skin.

It’s amazing how so many differently talented artist can all reside in one city together. Each tattoo artist in El Paso has their own special style. They set their work apart from their peers in personal ways and create a lasting meaning in each piece.

If you’re searching for the best tattoo artists in El Paso you’re likely only to find a few articles from tattoo sites, a good review for a studio, and maybe even an overwhelming collage of images from an Instagram search. So to make things a little more simple we made a list of 10 amazing El Paso tattoo artists.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is subjective. Who we include and exclude may raise a few questions. Our goal is to reflect a grouping of artists in an amazing city.


1. Rochelle Lintz – Crimson Veil

Had started this one a bit ago, can't wait to finish it! #rochellelintz #elpasotattoos #crimsonveiltattoo

A post shared by Rochelle Lintz (@rochellelintz) on


2. Alejandro Armendariz – Red Skull Tattoo

Black and grey by artist Alex @rasnana7 #redskulltattoo #blackandgrey #elpasotattoo #tattoo

A post shared by Red Skull Tattoo (@redskulltattoo) on

3. Stephanie Mo Gutierrez – Blue Panda Tattoo

4. Celina Ward – West Texas Tattoo


5. George – El Paso Tattoo Company

Our personal favorite from this list. Can we all agree that Homer would be a terrible Storm Trooper?

6. Mike Marcel – El Paso Tattoo Company

7. Tonii Florrez – Higher Level Ink

Tonii understands the passions his clients have. His style beautifully captures who they are.

8. Edward Pogo – Do’s & Tattoos


9. Myker – Sun City Tattoo

Incredible work all the way around the arm.

Famileaves @suncitytattoozaragoza

A post shared by Myker Yrrobali (@myker) on

10. Josh de la Garza – Tattoo Dans

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tattoo artists in Charlotte

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Charlotte

Naming the best tattoo artists in Charlotte is no easy task; there’s a marvelous group of talented artists in the city. They work hard at their passion and make tattoo dreams realities every day. Charlotte artists do not shy away from any kind of work. They’ll tackle anything from castles to pets and they will tackle it with the utmost care!

If you’re searching for the best tattoo artists in Charlotte you’re likely only to find a few articles here and there. Or, you may find an excellent review from complex.  So we decided to craft something better to showcase artists in the city.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is subjective. Who we include and exclude may not please everyone, but 0ur sincere goal is to reflect a grouping of artists in an amazing city. Tattooing is fascinating and beautiful work. Charlotte is lucky to have so many talented artists.

1. Stacy Smith – Tattoo Me Charlotte

We can honestly say we have never seen such a colorful castle piece before.

2. Phil Knowles

“Money on my mind”, see what they did there? This “peek-through” effect was executed beautifully.


3. Chris Stuart – Made To Last Tattoo

Because every “good boy” deserve to be remembered forever.

4. Ande Rummel – Brüt Tattoo

5. Dani – Haylo Studio

Name a more electrifying use of color…we’ll wait.

6. Jay Crider – Eagles League Tattoo

#death #eaglesleaguetattoo #charlottetattooers #blackinkonly #tattoosforgirls #westcharlotte #jaycrider #704 #blackworkerssubmission

A post shared by 704-747-2233 ⚡️JAY (@cridertattoos) on


7. Chad Moore – Tattoo Me Charlotte

8. Bobby Williams – Tattoo Me Charlotte

You’ve heard of Mother Nature, pretty sure this is Father Nature.

9. Jace LaFace – Charlotte Tattoo Company

It’s not every day you see someone with an octopus tattooed on them. Thumbs up to Jake and his client for going outside the box.


10. Anna – Made To Last Tattoo

And just exactly where do you think he’s going?

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Tattoo Artists In Washington

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Washington

Naming the best tattoo artists in Washington is quite a challenge due to the impressive collection of talented artists in the city. Their amazing passion is reflected in the stunning work they create every day.  Washington artists definitely do not shy away from any kind of piece their clients ask for. They will boldly ink anything including pieces with bright colors and extremely intricate details!

If you’re trying to simplify your search for tattoo artists in Washington you’re likely only to find a few articles offering any help. So, we took it upon ourselves to craft a list highlighting the work of some inspiring artists in the city.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” reflects opinions and perceptions. Not everyone is going to agree with who we include, but our goal is to genuinely reflect the wide variety of talent in the city. Tattoo Artists In Washington pour their heart and soul into their work, enjoy.

1. Chris Graham – Laser Monkey Tattoos

In all honesty this piece could almost be made into a painting and hung on a wall.

2. Morgan Dana – Sunken Ship Tattoo

Fun forearm piece from last night! Thanks again Mike! #sunkenshiptattoo #morgandanatattoos #music #musictattoo #inksplatter

A post shared by Morgan Dana (@morgandanatattoos) on


3. Michael T. Gardner – Tattoo Garden

There never has and never will be anything wrong with rolling it old school with a tattoo.

Classic eagle under the arm. Old school tats are still fun! #americantraditionaltattoo #classictattoo #eagletattoo

A post shared by Tattoos By Michael T. Gardner (@tattoogarden) on

4. Jordan -Storm Tattoos

5. Myke Rivera -Survivor Sunken Ship Tattoo

Some people get some dark images inked on themselves, but here Myke was able to catch the essence of a new word and feeling: “ominous”.


6. Amanda Riner – Slave To The Needle

7. Gina Craig -Gina Craig Tattoos

Look once, and then, look again to see just how much depth has been accounted for in the wings of this piece.

8. Kyle Stacher – Hopeless Tattoo

Halfway covering up a mustache | @hopelesstattoo | #blackwork #blackworkerssubmission #blackinkedart #blackworktattoo

A post shared by Kyle Stacher (stäkər) ?? (@thiefhands) on

9. Kyle Oxford – Hopeless Tattoo

Shading and clean lines once again give this tattoo amazing depth and a very real look.

Walk-in from today. #pdxtattoo #rosecity #vancouvertattoo #skulltattoo #boldwillhold

A post shared by Kyle Oxford (@kyleoxford) on


10. Owen Frick

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Fort Worth tattoo artists

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Fort Worth

Forth Worth has plenty of talented tattoo artists and some really great studios so we brought this talent together in one place to showcase some of the work you can find in the area. Fort Worth Tattoo artists range in style, focus and use of lines but all of them deliver unique art.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. Sometimes our inclusions and exclusions raise questions. Our goal though with these lists is to reflect a grouping of artists in a specific area that we are quite fond of. Explore the world of Fort Worth tattoo artists and get a peek into what’s going on “under the needle”.

1. Mike Diaz

If there was ever a tattoo that was staring into your soul, this is it.

2. Gotti Briganti – Spinning Needle Tattoos

The finished product is always fascinating, but there is plenty to appreciate in the process a tattoo goes through.


3. Crashlee_Ink

Calling all Star Wars lovers!

4. Kory Anguish – Epic Tattoos Tattoos & Piercing

….and after the Star Wars lovers we’re calling all Harry Potter nerds!

5. Up And Comer ALERT: Secret Kunkle – Fade to Black Tattoo Company


6. Wil – Randy Adams Tattoo Studio

You knew we were going to get a dragon tattoo in here sooner or later. This is quite the colorful fire breather.

7. Jarrod Richardson – Psycho Clown Tattoo Studio

It’s hard to ignore the beauty of the side by side contrast in colors and temperatures in this piece.

8. Lo – Blue Rose Tattoo Studio

Anyone else have a weak spot for tattoos that look like you are staring into someone’s skin?


9. The Guys at Select Tattoo

Okay so maybe this tattoo AND the first one are looking into your soul.

10. Juan Martinez Spinning Needle Tattoos and Piercings

You don’t often see this use of negative space in tattoos so we give Juan an A+ for standing out.

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Dallas Tattoo

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Dallas

There’s a long list of talented Dallas tattoo artists and some really great studios. Yet, even with this wealth of talent, we couldn’t help but think that Dallas needs a list to focus on the best. These artists are skilled and passionate about their work. Whether you’re walking in or finally scheduling the appointment you’ve been dreaming of a Dallas tattoo artists is ready to work with you. They are sure to create a lasting piece with special meaning to you.

We’re so excited to finally share this list with you – and without further wait, we present you with the best tattoo artists in Dallas.

David Mushaney – Rebel Muse Tattoo

The longer you look at this piece the more you will discover.

Darnell Waine – Works By Waine

Aliens probably have a lot to think about. Is earth really on their list?

Memphis Chester – Cat Tattoo Custom Tattoos & Body Piercing

He goes by “Bearded Tattooist” on Instagram?

We actually need a little help on clarifying this Dallas tattoo artist’s first name.

Miguel Mink – Artistic Encounter

#munizink #watercolortattoo #watercolor #skulltattoo #flowertattoo #ae #artisticencounter #dallastattooartist

A post shared by muniz ink (@miguel.mink) on

Hector Ayala

We know, this is somewhat scary for spider haters, but that’s part of the reason why it’s so impressive!

Deborah Brody Pittman – V-Twin Tattoo

Cisco – Kings Tattoos

Definitely not the best picture

A post shared by cisco (@panchiiito) on

Up And Comer ALERT : Saga – Apprentice at Artistic Encounter

The future is bright for this young artist!

Christian Byer – Noble Street Tattoo

The color in Christian’s work is strikingly vibrant.

Let's do more! That vampire torch is still up for grabs!

A post shared by Christian Byer (@battlecattle) on

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Indianapolis tattoo artist

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Indianapolis

Naming the best Indianapolis tattoo artists is no easy task; there’s a marvelous group of talented artists in and around the city working in their passion and making tattoo dreams realities.

If you’re searching for the best Indianapolis tattoo artists you’re likely only to find a few articles here and there or an excellent review from a complex.  So we took it upon ourselves to craft something worthy of the artists in the city.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is subjective and that who we include and exclude may raise a few questions. Our goal is to reflect a grouping of artists in an amazing city.


1. Bailey Jörk – Tats For Rats

Who needs jewelry? Get tattoos!


2. Dustin Leach – Fountain Square Tattoo

A beautiful contrast of death and life.

3. Chase Vince – New Generation Ink

How many Komodo Dragons are you going to see tattooed in your life? This is up there on the unique list.



4. Laura Black – Firefly Tattoo

We love the clean lines and movement Laura creates in her work.


5. Anthony Malichi Pro – Ink Studios

Someone has been practicing their shading skills!


6. Jay Schuler – Indiana Tattoo Company

This colorful steampunk piece is as fun to look at as it was for Jay to ink it.

7. Alice Bea Guerin – Knot Eye Tattoo

It’s spring time all the time with this beautiful piece from Alice.

Healed with new little buzzes (from a few weeks back). #knoteyestudio

A post shared by Alice Bea Guerin (@knoteyetattoo) on


8. Andrew Gummert

The wise owl is always watching…and he might also be looking in two different directions.

Owl tattoo rocked out today by @andrewgummerart schedule up with him asap!

A post shared by Salty Siren Tattoo Lounge (@saltysirentattoo) on


9. Beau Geunin

If this dapper gentleman is on his way to a party, send an invite.

Fox from tonight. Thank you Josh. #masterworktattoo #indianapolistattoo

A post shared by BEAU GUENIN (@beauguenin) on


10. Riggiink – Animal Art Studio

Can you believe this is a cover-up? It looks like it was meant to be all along.

Covered up some old stars she had. The zebra is healed. Enjoy!

A post shared by Riggiink (@riggiink) on

Check out the 10 best tattoo shops in Indianapolis

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tattoo artists in San Antonio

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In San Antonio

Naming the best tattoo artists in San Antonio might sound easy, but based on the volume of talented artists in and around the city, it’s quite the challenge! The tattoo artists in San Antonio continually impress clients and tattoo fanatics everywhere with their ability to create true works of art from nothing but dedication, ink, and skin.

If you want to find the best tattoo artists in San Antonio you’re likely only to find a few articles offering any advice or maybe you’ll be presented with an overwhelming array of reviews from a Yelp search. No, thanks. To make things a little more simple, here is a list of 10 amazing San Antonio tattoo artists ready to put their talents to work for you.

1. John Lopez – Wicked Ways Tattoos

His grandfather and cousin were large influences on where he is now as they were both painters.

Finished off this game of thrones inspired piece! #jlopeztattoos #gameofthrones #gameofthronestattoo

A post shared by John Lopez (@jlopeztattoos) on


2. Gary Graves

Did you say “I want it to look as realistic as possible”? This man knows how to deliver

3. Jake – Flesh Electric Tattoo

Jake does amazing work (both colored and black and white) made to canvas an entire leg or arm.

tattoo artists in San Antonio

4. Chris – Legion Ink

He knows the importance of detail in large complex pieces, but also their importance in simple pieces.


A post shared by Mr Chris (@mrchris1247) on


5. Carlos Contrera – Inception Tattoo

Of course all tattoos are part of your skin, but Carlos’s personal artistic touch gives his work even more of a natural feel.
tattoo artists in San Antonio

6. Tommy Gunn – Horror House Tattoo

What else is there to say besides “I am Groot!”.

7. Harley Matinez  at Mr Lucky’s Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for spreading chest work or a new spin on an American flag, Harley has you covered.

8. Jenny Siegel – Tattoo Eleven

You want variety? You got it from this artist who with anything from a cartoonish to very realistic piece.


9. Art Hernandez – Timeless Ink

He would love to do more black and grey realism tattoos and is always ready to hear new ideas from his customers

10. Milton Holbrook – San Antonio Rose Tattoo

Whether you ask for an eye-popping color piece or an intricate black and white piece Milton Will deliver.

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San Jose Tattoo

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In San Jose

San Jose has a crazy amount of talent when it comes to tattooing. There’s a rich history comprised of many influences and cultures that have produced some incredibly notable tattooists. Tattooing has long been an essential part of the city’s culture, but of course, the recent eruption in tattooing popularity has helped to boost how many people these San Jose tattoo artists are able to create their art with.

It’s amazing how so many differently talented artist can all reside in one city together. Each San Jose tattoo artist has their own style that sets their work apart from their peers and creates a lasting meaning for their visitors.

It was difficult to find a succinct list of the best tattoo artists in San Jose. We could only find somewhat random reviews so we decided to create our own list. We hope you’ll enjoy.

1.  Nicole Palapoli – Body Language Tattoo

2.  Stephy – Black Dolphin Tattoo

Kitty cat for babes ?? #blackdpolhintattoo#sanjosetattoo#santaclaratattoo

A post shared by Stephy (@darko.tattoos) on


3. Jopie Lee – Guru Tattoo

In addition to the “normal” tattoos people gravitate towards Jopie will be more than happy to accept your erotic side coming out in your tattoo request

4. Trent – Unlimited Ink Tattoo

5. Nick Kartchner

Everyone has their version of a Diablo and Nick’s looks like he’s about to jump off the “canvas” at you.


6. Angel Rodriguez – San Jose Tattoo

Not your average bird tattoo, which is what makes this tattoo so personal.

7.  Jag – Unlimited Ink Tattoo

8. Marina – Black Dolphin Tattoo

Marina really knows to make black and white look coring. Excellent use of color.

Tattoo by @themarinaburrito ?

A post shared by Black Dolphin Tattoo (@theblackdolphintattoo) on


9. Naill – Mark Of Art Tattoo

Bear face right on the shin where it belongs. Made by @niall_keogh

A post shared by Marks Of Art Tattoo – Est 1994 (@marksofarttattoo) on

10. Ross Ferrie – Marks Of Art Tattoo

It would have been easy to make this a “flat fish” but Ross’s shading adds an element of depth to this piece that helps it stand out from its wearer.

Tattoo made by Ross Ferrie. Come on down and book a cool tattoo with him!

A post shared by Marks Of Art Tattoo – Est 1994 (@marksofarttattoo) on

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