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20 Small Tattoos For Men And Women

So you’re finally ready for some small tattoos? You’ve navigated here because you may be looking for small tattoo inspiration, ideas, and more. You’re not ready to go for a full out large tattoo, or you’re just into smaller more subtle tattoos. Whatever the reason, we’ve got your needs covered. 

Small tattoos for women, and small tattoos for men are usually covered online but in this article we wanted to approach the topic in a more unisex fashion. In this list you’ll find twenty five awesome small tattoo ideas, that work for any gender.

Small Tattoo Costs

When you dip your toes into tattooing, it can be an expensive proposition. What’s nice about getting started with smaller tattoos, is that you’re looking at an smaller immediate investment. Most tattoo artists charge a minimum hourly rate that can range from $40-$80 depending on your region, and the artists skill level. It’s common for most tattoo artists to charge a flat one hour fee for small tattoos that take less than one hour, so be prepared to pay at least one hour for your small tattoo.

Small Tattoo Benefits

The benefits of having a small tattoo are quite obvious. The most apparent one is visibility. While we live in a more accepting time for tattoo’d individuals, pre-existing bias still occur at home, in the workplace, and in public. When you have a small tattoo, it’s much easier to hide it in those awkward moment. Don’t want grandma to see your latest rose? Cover it up with a sleeve.

Examples of Small Tattoos

Take a look below at our list of 25 small tattoos. We’ve done our best job to provide a non-gender biased list, complete with various themes of inspiration such as traditional tattooing, contemporary tattooing, dotwork tattooing, realism tattooing, abstract tattooing, and many many more styles.

Small Script Tattoo

Small Globe Tattoo

Small Pokemon Tattoo

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Small Gun Tattoo

Small Finger Tattoos

Small Palm Tree Dotwork Tattoo

Small Baby Foot Print Tattoo

Small Realistic Maple Leaf Tattoo

Small Click Bait Tattoo

Small Photo Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Small Chest Symbol Tattoos

Small Anchor Tattoo

Small Couples Tattoos

Small Fox Tattoo

Small Wings And Letters Tattoo

Small Pineapple Tattoo

Small X O Tattoo

Small Pixel Hearts Tattoo

Small Finger Tiger Tattoo


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10 Presidential Tattoos You Won’t Believe

We’ve heard of people getting tattoos of their children’s faces and sometimes of their spouse or another loved one. We’ve also heard of tattoo artists inking iconic figures and other famous portraits for people. However, we’re not going to talk about those. Instead, we’re going to talk about 10 presidential tattoos you won’t believe.

1: Donald Trump’s Likeness

With the 2016 Election season looming on the horizon, people across the country are visiting tattoo parlors to permanently ink Donald Trump’s image on various parts of their bodies in support of his candidacy.

2: Bernie Sanders Supporters

Even though Sanders isn’t in the race anymore, that didn’t stop supporters from tattooing his face on their bodies and keeping his memory alive on their bodies forever.

3: President Obama

While many support President Obama, this doesn’t mean they should be getting his portrait inked across their back, on their biceps, or up their calf.

4: Hilary Clinton’s Smile

A tattoo of the candidate for President, Hilary Clinton, while she’s smiling is one of the most popular choices of tattoos for those in support of her candidacy this upcoming election.

5: Thomas Jefferson

Yes, this tattoo exists and, believe it or not, it was inked in celebration of Thomas Jefferson Day. Many other portraits of the third President are also a popular choice in tattoo parlors.

6: Abraham Lincoln

Would you ever guess someone would have Abraham Lincoln’s portrait tattooed on their arm or anywhere else on their body, for that matter? It happened, and it might happen again!

7: George Washington

Why not get a Presidential tattoo of our first President but, instead of a traditional portrait, why not change it by making half his face into a zombie like this tattoo artist did?

8: John F. Kennedy

The 35th President of the United States is another portrait you won’t believe people are getting tattooed on their bodies. It’s incredible how lifelike the artwork is on these tattoos.

9: Richard Nixon

Would you believe people would have a portrait of Richard Nixon, the 37th President, tattooed on them forever? Well, they did, and the results are also incredibly lifelike.

10: Bill Clinton

Those who were in support of President Bill Clinton weren’t opposed to getting his portrait tattooed on their bodies. His likeness is incredible in much of the work you see in photographs, like this one for example.

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Best Tattoo Shops In Milwaukee

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Milwaukee

We love Milwaukee, and one thing this city has in spades is talented tattoo artists and amazing tattoo shops. But it makes sense that the city that’s home to Harley-Davidson’s headquarters should have some good tattoo studios, and Milwaukee doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking to get some new ink and only want to go with the best, try out one of these top-rated shops in town.

Honorable Mentions: Milwaukee is full of great tattoo shops and artists, but not everybody could make the list. If you’re looking for a new piece in the city, these shops also deserve a shout-out: Old Salt Tattooers, Jedi Tattoo, Serenity Ink Tattoo, Twisted Tattoo Co., and Shogun Tattoo.

1. Adambomb Gallerie

The story: Adambomb Gallerie was created by two Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design grads who have a passion for tattooing. They’re creative, patient, and love sketching out custom work for clients. And they aren’t afraid to take the time to make sure your vision comes to life in ink.

The artists: Adam Werther and Laurent M.

2. Moving Shadow Ink

The story: The architect behind Moving Shadow Ink is Mario Zapata, an ink master when it comes to landscapes, portraits, and awesome designs. The shop has been around since 2009, and in that time they’ve won plenty of awards, including Milwaukee’s best tattoo shop.  

The artists: Mario Zapata, Nina Blasnig, Luke Van Dyke, Jon Dough, Cisco, and Sammy Limon

3. Custom Tattoo

The story: The baby of tattoo artist Greg Foster and graphic designer Rebecca Stewart, Custom Tattoo is consistently voted as one of the best tattoo parlors in the city. You won’t find any flash on the walls here, because true to the name, Custom Tattoo only focuses on custom-designed pieces for each client.

The artists: Greg Foster and Rebecca Stewart     

4. Solid State Tattoo

The story: Solid State Tattoo has been around since 2004, and in that time they’ve amassed quite the following of happy and loyal customers. The artists are experienced, talented, and dedicated to their work.

The artists: Jon Reiter and Josh Howard

5. Waukesha Tattoo Company

The story: A relative newcomer to the Milwaukee tattoo scene, Waukesha Tattoo Company opened its doors in 2010. But in the few years they’ve been around, they’ve wasted no time building a reputation for themselves as one of the best and most upscale tattoo shops around.

The artists: George Wang, Barry Jaeger, Leah Borkenhagen, and Gerardo Soto

6. Cutthroat Tattoo

The story: Around since 2005, Cutthroat Tattoo has a number of tricks up their sleeves to set themselves apart from the competition, including that they welcome walk-ins with open arms, and they’re open seven days a week. On top of that, they also have several great artists working there, and they make client satisfaction a priority.

The artists: Adrian Luna, Steve, and Harry

7. Brew City Tattoo

The story: Another one of Milwaukee’s award-winning tattoo shops, Brew City Tattoo has a number of talented and versatile artists. Operating since 2011, this shop specializes in a number of tattoo styles, including Japanese, traditional, portraits, tribal, and much more.

The artists: Andre Luna, Brian Kiesner, Jon Murray, and Josh Krstic

8. Rockstar Tattoo & Co.

The story: Rockstar Tattoo prides itself on professionalism, safety, and great customer experiences. They love working with custom pieces, re-workings, and creating tattoos from pictures and ideas.

The artists: Brock Steven, Patrick, Ashley Neumann, Peter Silva III, Dan Gietzel, and Erik Nelson

9. Horseshoe Tattoo

The story: Horseshoe Tattoo has been in the area since 2008, but they moved to their current location in Bayview back in 2012, when they outgrew their original space. Their work is diverse, and the artists specialize in a variety of different styles, such as tribal, portraits, traditional, and black and white.

The artists: Kyle Cook, Jason Stedman, Scottie Senda, and Richie Murry

10. Saints and Sinners Tattoo

The story: The artists at Saints and Sinners are known for their patience as much as their talent, so it’s no wonder this shop gets such great reviews from customers. Take your ideas when you go, because Ken and Ryan are great at bringing ideas to life in ink.   

The artists: Ken Faught and Ryan Wetherbee

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best tattoo shops memphis

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Memphis

Memphis is a hub for arts and culture in Tennessee, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that there are some fantastic tattoo shops in the city as well. In case you’re in the market for a new piece, here’s a list of 10 top-rated tattoo studios in Memphis, as voted by the clients.

Honorable Mentions: There are a number of great tattoo studios to choose from in Memphis, and if you’re looking to give someone else a try, why not take a peek at the shops that deserve a shout-out as well: The Skull x Rose Tattoo Collective, Monster Ink Corporation, and Skin City Inc.

Without further adieu, here are the 10 best tattoo shops in Memphis:

1. No Regrets

The story: No Regrets takes their name very seriously, which is why they focus on top-quality tattoos, custom designs, cover-ups, touch-ups, restorations, and a completely sterile environment. With all this attention to perfection and detail, it’s no wonder that they’ve been voted the number one shop in Memphis for tattoos and piercings.

The artists: Paul and Jason

2. Trilogy

The story: Trilogy has a number of excellent artists and staff on hand, and they are focused on professionalism and creating a comfortable atmosphere for patrons. This is a great place for first-timers, because they’ll take the time to walk you through the process.

The artists: Dave Lukeson, Clay Thames, Scott Kingan, Olivia Bright, Joe Carter, and Ryan Provido

3. Underground Art

The story: Underground Art has been serving Memphis since 1993, and was actually the first custom tattoo studio in the city. They’ve been voted the best shop in Memphis, and are proud to provide customers with a friendly, warm, and unique vibe, as well as the great talent of their permanent and guest tattoo artists.

The artists: David Evans, Vanessa Waites, Sarah Forbess, Alison Duckett, and Derrick Weaver

4. Inked Memphis

The story: The goal of Inked Memphis is to bring together some of the best tattoo artists in the city, to create unique and customized pieces, and to maintain a cutting edge studio. They can bring your design to life, can restore an old tattoo, and can cover up a piece you don’t want anymore with something you’ll love forever.

The artists: Brent Hale, Myke Daubenspeck, Rachel Ehemann, Joel Hilgenberg, and Ivy Dinosaur

5. Ramesses’ Shadow Tattoos

The story: Customers have nothing but great things to say about Ramesses’ Shadow and the two artists who run the place, Kevin and Shannon. They are definitely in high demand, so be prepared for a several months wait.

The artists: Kevin and Shannon

6. The Tattoo Spot

The story: The Tattoo Spot has been around since 2006, and in that time they’ve carved out a niche for themselves doing portraiture, custom designs, and cover-ups.

The artists: Mic Luster and Devon Greig

7. Memphis Tattoo Co.

The story: The Memphis Tattoo Company is one of the oldest tattoo shops around, as the studio was established in the mid-1980s. They specialize in custom tattoos and permanent make-up, and the people behind this shop are also the ones who put on the Tattoo Voodoo Expo in New Orleans every year.

The artists: Brian Hardin

8. Royal Flush Tattoo

The story: TattooCaine is the award-winning mastermind behind Royal Flush Tattoo, which began as a small shop in East Memphis and eventually grew large enough to move to a midtown studio. They specialize in customized original designs, and a lot of young and up-and-coming artists have found a start here.

The artists: Christian “TattooCaine” Goins

9. Studio 42

The story: Art, uniqueness, and customer service are the name of the game at Studio 42, a tattoo collective started by artist Dustin Schild. The work coming out of this studio is a mixture of traditional and neo-traditional, but each artist brings something special to the table.

The artists: Dustin Shild, Mike, Pete, Miguel, and Cody

10. Dave’s Tattoos & Body Piercing

The story: Among the oldest shop’s in the city, Dave’s Tattoos has been up and running since 1995. They are the go-to studio for cover-ups, and they also excel at original pieces.

The artists: Dave and Eddie

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10 Best Tattoo Shops In Indianapolis

10 Best Tattoo Shops In Indianapolis

Indianapolis has a rich arts community, and body art is no exception: the city has a ton of fantastic and award-winning tattoo shops and artists. Many of the tattoo artists in the city have gone through Indianapolis’ Herron School of Art and Design and are now applying those art fundamentals and techniques to the body. Needless to say, if you’re looking to get a tattoo in Indianapolis, there’s a great shop on almost every corner, including these 10 studios.

Honorable Mentions: While these shops didn’t make the list, they do great work and deserve a shout-out: Irish Ink Tattoo & Piercing, The Rue Morgue Tattoo Gallery, New Breed Tattoo, Big Time Tattoos & Piercings, Mass Ave Tattoo, Mystic Images Tattoo, and Body Language Tattoo. Be sure to check out any of these studios or the top tens next time you’re looking to get some ink.

Without further adieu, Here are the 10 best tattoo shops in Indianapolis: 

Voluta Tattoo

The story: Conan Lea opened Voluta Tattoo back in 2006, and his goal was to create a studio that would make his family proud. The artists at the shop are always attending conventions and perfecting their skills because they want to be able to offer clients immaculate body art in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

The artists: Jaydee and Conan Lea

Artistic Skin Design & Body Piercing

The story: Along with offering the highest safety standards and best quality products, the artists at Artistic Skin Design are also obsessed with coming up with unique and custom designs that clients love. They have four locations throughout Indianapolis and a huge roster of talented and qualified artists.

The artists: Amanda Cancilla, Annie Burkhard, April-Nicole Stead, Bart Leonard, Clinton Ransdell, Dane Smith, Devan Smith, Eric Norvell, Hank Cunningham, Jesse Wilson, Keith Fieler, Lesley Diane, Miles Birden, Nathan Richardson, Nicholas Lynch, Nick Peterson, and Ty Pittman


The story: Metamorphosis has been around since 1998, and collectively, the artists working there have nearly 70 years of combined experience. The studio prides itself on quality, uniqueness, and exceptionality.

The artists: Joe Kelley, Paul Breece, Jeff Foti, Megan Zoeller, Matt Carrel, and Trevor Patton

Firefly Tattoo

The story: Firefly is a tattoo collective, meaning all the artists working there are owners, and as soon as you walk in the door you can see the pride they all take in their studio. Each piece is unique, custom-designed, and tailored by the artist to suit the individual client’s personality and body.

The artists: Laura Black, Dina Verplank, Gerrit Verplank, Monte, Jose Flores, Kimberly Cochran, Sketch Martin

MidWest Tattoo Company

The story: MidWest Tattoo Company has been around since 2006, and they can do custom designs brought in by clients, tattoo restoration, and cover-ups, and they have an extensive portfolio of pre-drawn designs that clients can choose from.

The artists: J. Petraits, Scott Adams, and Shannon Hull

Steel Rod Tattoo

The story: This 1950s-themed tattoo studio is an award-winning shop that combines a love of art, tattooing, and hot rods. The shop opened about 10 years ago, and at the time was the first themed tattoo studio in Indianapolis. Since then, they’ve made a name for themselves as one of the best shops around.

The artists: Eric and Timmie

Artistic Skin Designs Inc.

The story: One of the oldest studios in Indianapolis, Artistic Skin Designs Inc. has been around since 1990. They have a location in the east and west ends, and both specialize in cover-ups and original creations. Don’t be confused by the similarity with the names: this is a separate studio from Artistic Skin Design & Body Piercing!

The artists: BeeJay Kane, Corey Bee, Alex Hall, Dan Modesitt, Freak, Jeramie Chittick, Ken Richmond, and Rats

Masterwork Tattoo

The story: The philosophy encouraged by Masterwork Tattoo is pure self-expression and creativity with none of the attitude sometimes associated with tattoo culture. They specialize in a variety of styles, including Japanese, American traditional, tribal, anime, and biomechanical.

The artists: Jacob Bryan

Indy Tattoo Works

The story: Indy Tattoo Works has been operating for about 25 years, and is among the oldest studios in Indianapolis. They offer tattoos, custom designs, and tattoo removal.

The artists: Jon Hall and JTA

Untitled Ink

The story: Untitled Ink’s goal is to bring art, culture, talent, and tattoos to the people of Indiana. They are passionate about what they do and are excited to bring their own flair to each custom piece.

The artists: Johnny Ronnin, Brandon Phillips, and Enrique Hernandez

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10 Best Tattoo Shops In Kansas City

10 Best Tattoo Shops In Kansas City

Kansas City is a mecca for all things tattoo. If you don’t believe that, consider this: the city is full of amazing studios, is home to multiple award-winning and talented artists, and is the location of the annual Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention. You have a bunch of studios to choose from if you want a tattoo in Kansas City, so here’s a list of 10 of the best to help you make your decision.

Honorable Mentions: Kansas City has a great number of top tattoo shops to choose from, as well as a ton of great studios that didn’t make the list by a hair. A few studios that also deserved to be mentioned include Freaks on Broadway, Surreal Tattoo Studio, Rose Tattoo Parlor, Kansas City Ink, Illustrated Man Tattoo Studio, and Done Rite Tattoos.

1. The Mercy Seat Tattoo Studio and Gallery

The story: The Mercy Seat brings together many of the city’s best tattoo artists and a tremendous amount of talent that you won’t find anywhere else. They specialize in freehand, original and custom designs, large tattoos, and unique pieces.

The artists: Jason Pollard, Scott Shickman, Chet Duvenci, Chris Orr, Dana Howard, Wesley Brockman, Mikey Wheeler, Ugly Bill, and Megan Mac

2. Exile Tattoo

The story: Exile Tattoo became busy enough to open a second location recently, and the studios pride themselves on cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and communication. Their main styles are traditional Japanese and American, though they’re always willing to venture into new areas.

The artists: Whispering Danny, Steven Campbell, Jessie Hopeless, Juan Moya, Jeremy Latta, Corey Kirby, and Nathan Blankenship

3. Irezumi Tattoo

The story: Irezumi Tattoo has been around for about 20 years, but for the first 17 years they were known as Irezumi Body Art. Their main concerns are perfection and professionalism, and areas of specialty include portraits, realism, biomechanical, watercolor, and custom scripts.

The artists: Kevin, Blake, Steve, Nathan, Saint Dallas, Chris, Tim, Dennis, Jakob, Brad, and Derek

4. Beautiful Body Tattoo

The story: Beautiful Body understands that tattoos are pieces of artwork, but they also understand that the process can be confusing and uncomfortable, especially for first-timers. They focus on making the experience easy and safe, all while producing quality tattoo work.

The artists: Neil Capra, Loran Smith, Diego Saenz, Beth, and John Kroll

5. Old Souls Tattoo Parlor & Gallery

The story: Old Souls has a great line-up of permanent artists, but they also regularly welcome visiting artists to the studio. They don’t mind people dropping in for consultations or to ask questions, and Saturdays at the shop are reserved for walk-ins.

The artists: Noah Noore, Shea, Kurtis Johnson, Jimmy Little,

6. The Ink Parlor

The story: With two locations to serve the city, The Ink Parlor is quickly turning out legions of happy and loyal clients. The atmosphere is clean, friendly, and welcoming, and the artists can do a variety of styles, including geometric, landscapes, and memorial pieces.

The artists: Heath, Sean, Adam, Rachael, Dalton, Jacob, and Amy

7. Windhorse Tattooing and Art Gallery

The story: Windhorse Tattooing is a tattoo studio that combines body art with traditional art, and they host monthly art shows as well as being a regular tattoo shop. They specialize in illustration, dotwork, geometric, and traditional Asian.

The artists: Mark Galloway and Matthew Crim

8. Hold Fast Tattoo

The story: Founded in 2011, Hold Fast is known for their custom tattoos, realism, traditional Japanese and American tattoos, and for their hand-drawn scripts. The studio is a welcoming gallery-style shop that showcases their original work.

The artists: Aubrey Rohlfing and Joshua Berry

9. Dragonfly Tattoo Studio

The story: Opened in 1997, Dragonfly Tattoo wants every tattoo experience to be a positive and memorable one. The artists are open, warm, have lived in the area their whole lives, and love being a part of the local community.

The artists: Troy, Abigail, Diana, and Jeremiah

10. A-1 Tattoo Co.

The story: Every artist at A1 is professional, experienced, creative, and friendly, and this makes for a laid back shop that creates fantastic work. It’s no wonder A1 is the oldest tattoo studio in North Kansas City, with the shop having been around since 1993. They can do small, full-body, and cover-up tattoos.

The artists: Brennan O’Rourke, Benjamin Carlson, Josh Rucker, Shannon Healey, and Mitch Ashpaugh

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best-tattoo shops in baltimore have fun be lucky tattoo

The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Baltimore

Tattoos and Baltimore go together like peas in a pod, and the city is home to a plethora of great studios, tons of talented artists, a tattoo museum, and the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention. Because there are so many amazing shops to choose from, here’s a list of the 10 best tattoo shops in baltimore as rated by customers, plus a few honorable mentions that came close to ranking.

Honorable Mentions: There are way too many excellent tattoo shops in Baltimore for a simple top 10, so here are a few more studios that came close to making the list and deserve a mention: Mt. Vernon Body Art, Red Thorn Tattoo, Capone’s Ink, Absolute Tattoo & Body Piercing, Tattooed Heart Studios, The American Tattoo Company, and Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium.

Without further adieu, here’s our list for the 10 best tattoo shops in Baltimore. 

1. Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo

The story: Customers rave about the work done at this studio, so it’s no surprise that HFBL consistently receives five-star ratings from the people who get tattooed here. The shop is clean, sterile, and welcoming, and happy clients go back again and again for more work.


The artists: Joe Lathe-Vitale, Andrea Vitale-Lathe, Emily Sloman, Alex Doucette, Erik Keifer, and Bill Stevenson

2. Charmed Life Gallery & Tattoo Studio

The story: Darl Gnau is the owner of Charmed Life Gallery, and he’s been tattooing since 1998. The idea behind the studio was to create a space where fine art and tattooing came together seamlessly, and the artists here love doing custom-designed pieces.

The artists: Darl Gnau, Mike Kohler, and Joe MacKenzie

3. DeVille Ink

The story: Along with creating great tattoos, DeVille Ink is also set apart from other tattoo shops in the city because it’s family owned and operated, and is the only tattoo studio in the world to be sponsored by Jägermeister.

The artists: Tony DeVille, KC DeVille, James Majik, Ben Oliver, Anthony Mota, and Tony Insley

4. Charm City Tattoo

The story: This shop is actually the tattoo studio space of a single talented artist, Jacki Randall. The studio prides itself on the attention and care it gives to each customer, and the areas of specialty include freehand, portraits, cover-ups, and restorations.

The artists: Jacki Randall

5. Baltimore Tattoo Museum

The story: Baltimore Tattoo Museum got its name because it’s both a studio space and a museum. The fully functioning modern tattoo shop is also a museum space dedicated to the history of American tattooing since the late nineteenth century.

The artists: Chris Keaton and Dave Cise


6. Positive Image Tattoos

The story: Positive Image is now operated by Konkrete Jungle Kustom Tattoo, who took over after the original owner passed away unexpectedly in 2013. The shop has been around since about 2003, and the current incarnation of Positive Image still preserves the vision and values of the original owner.

The artists: Brad Newlin

7. Read Street Tattoo Parlour

The story: The head of Read Street Tattoo is Charlie Foos, an art student who also apprenticed as a tattoo artist in New York while obtaining his Master of Fine Arts degree. The shop specializes in traditional Japanese and American styles, but they are also adept with other contemporary styles.

The artists: Charlie Foos, Dana Helmuth, Joe Kundrat, Violet Fivel, and Hunter R Spanks

8. Saints & Sinners

The story: The artists that make up Saints & Sinners have decades of experience behind them, and they work in a variety of styles, including black and grey, Japanese, American traditional, Polynesian, biomechanical, and skate and snowboard themed.

The artists: Jim Judeikis, Dwaine Shannon, Christian Beckman, and Brett Burnham


9. Stay Humble Tattoo Company

The story: With the motto “unique tattoos for unique people,” it may come as no surprise that Stay Humble’s main focus is creating tattoos that other people will want to emulate. The studio has a number of permanent artists as well as guest artists that also take clients from time to time.

The artists: Dave Wah and Fran Massino

10. Island City Tattoos

The story: The experienced, friendly, and professional artists at Island City all have their own stylistic preferences, but they promise they have something to suit every client. They can work from pre-drawn designs, can customize pieces based on ideas, and can create or modify designs by hand or by computer.

The artists: Ray, Cookieman, Zwayde, and Uneq

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best tattoo artists in portland

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Portland

Portland is filled with amazing tattoo shops, amazing tattoo artists, and a long standing history of tattooing. For this very reason it is not an easy task labelling the 10 best tattoo artists in Portland. We’ve searched high and low, and found a grouping of amazing tattoo artists that you need to see if you’re searching for tattoos in the portland area.

If you search the internet for the best tattoo artists in the city it’s tough to find any solid listings. There’s a few search optimized results from Yelp, and CBS – but nothing that really puts the spotlight on the city like it deserves, so we decided to make a list of our own.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. And that our inclusions and exclusions may raise questions and comments. Our goal with these lists is always to reflect a grouping of artists in a specific area that we are quite fond of – rather than the word of all out gospel. We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattooists we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list.

While we do consider this list a grouping of our “best tattoo artists in Portland” we also want to acknowledge a HUGE grouping of talented tattoo artists that we could not have not made this article without: Jerry Ware, Dustin Kendig, Emily Kay, Jesse Violet, Erica Kraner, Zach Beckett, Christy Fish, Roll Hardy, and Thom Grayson.

If you’re looking for some fresh new ink, these are the best tattoo artists in Portland:


Alice CarrierWonderland Tattoo

 best tattoo artists in portland alice carrier

Winston The Whale – Private Studio

 best tattoo artists in portland winston the whale

Jason GrahamGrizzly Tattoo

best tattoo artists in portland jason graham


Pony ReinhardtTenderfoot Studio

 best tattoo artists in portland pony reinhardt

Laura Graham – Grizzly Tattoo

 best tattoo artists in portland-Laura Grahamma

GreggletronScapegoat Tattoo

 best tattoo artists in portland greggletron

Manee FridayScapegoat Tattoo

 best tattoo artists in portland manee friday

Jessi PrestonLombard Street Tattoo Parlor

 best tattoo artists in portland jessi preston


Max IrelandLombard Street Tattoo

 best tattoo artists in portland max ireland

Ross CarlsonArt Work Rebels

 best tattoo artists in portland ross carlson

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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In New Orleans

New Orleans is home to a hotbed of culture, and tattoo artists are not immune. With a long standing history of traditional tattooing, searching high and low for the best tattoo artists in New Orleans is no laughing matter. If you’re looking for some new ink in the new orleans area, we suggest you start with one of the artists below.

If you search around for the best tattoo artists in New Orleans it’s difficult to find any great listings. There’s a bunch of optimized results from Yelp, and CBS – but nothing that really shines the light on this one of a kind city, so we took it upon ourselves to pick up the slack.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. And that our inclusions and exclusions may raise questions and comments. Our goal with these lists is always to reflect a grouping of artists in a specific area that we are quite fond of – rather than the word of all out gospel. We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattooists we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list.

While we do consider this list a grouping of our “best tattoo artists in New Orleans” we also want to acknowledge a HUGE grouping of talented tattoo artists that we could not have not made this article without: Rachel UlmChristopher TattooerMatt Welch, Chris Black, Scott Barbier, Matty Runks, Keel, Billy Bracey, and more.

If you’re looking for some fresh new ink, these are the best tattoo artists in New Orleans:


Justin Olivier – Downtown Tattoos NOLA

 best tattoo artists in new orleans justin olivier

Pete Raizis – Electric Ladyland Tattoo

 best tattoo artists in new orleans pete raizis

Theophile Bourgeois – TATTOOAGOGO

best tattoo artists in new orleans Theophile Bourgeois

David Noellert – Uptown Tattoos

best tattoo artists in new orleans david noellert


Pauly Lingerfelt – Downtown Tattoos NOLA

best tattoo artists in new orleans-Pauly Lingerfelt

Randy Muller – Eye Candy Tattoos

best tattoo artists in new orleans randy muller


best tattoo artists in new orleans don davis

Lester GarciaElectric Ladyland Tattoo

best tattoo artists in new orleans lester garcia


Jeremy JusticeEye Candy Tattoo

best tattoo artists in new orleans jeremy justice

Natasha Schmidt – Tattoo Temple

best tattoo artists in new orleans natasha schmidt

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The 10 Best Tattoo Shops In Atlanta

Atlanta has no shortage of talent when it comes to tattoo shops and studios. The city owns a storied past filled with influences, cultures, and personalities that have produced some of the most notable tattooing in the United States, specifically with regard to contemporary and traditional tattooing. Tattooing has long been an essential part of Atlanta’s culture, yet the recent eruption in the popularity of tattooing has only helped to boost the reach of it’s most popular studios.

It was difficult to find a true list of the best tattoo shops in Atlanta, other than user generated groups and a few forums and optimized articles, so we decided to create our own.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is quite subjective. And that our inclusions and exclusions may be somewhat polarizing. Our goal with these articles is to reflect a grouping of 10 artists in a given area that we are quite fond of – rather than that of all out gospel. We encourage you to send us submissions for any tattoo shops we may have missed, we would be happy to grow this list.

While we do consider this list a grouping of our “best tattoo shops in Atlanta” we also want to acknowledge a huge grouping of talented tattoo shops before we begin: Liberty Tattoo, Southern Star Tattoo, Tenth Street Tattoo, Apocalypse Tattoo Co.Tried and True Tattoo, Kingdom Tattoo, and many more.

Here is a look at our choice for best tattoo shops in Atlanta:

Memorial Tattoo

Quick Fact: One of Atlanta’s most coveted, established in 2006 by Phil Colvin

Artists: Phil Colven, Gary Yoxen, Malia Reynolds, Jett Bryant, Ashton Anderson, Dustin Swinks, Josh Lindley, Rob Knight


Sacred Heart Tattoo

Quick Fact: Founded by the award winning Tony Olivas

Artists: Tony Olivas, Emily Effler, Eddie Arigbay, Brian Munoz, Quinton Jones, Mary Vanda, Isasha Periera, Brandi Smart

best tattoo shops in atlanta sacred heart tattoo

All Or Nothing Tattoo

Quick Fact: Brandon Bond, nuff said

Artists: Brandon Bond, Matt Dunlap, Flaco Martinez, Joe Waulken, Sean Green, Blenner SilvaFrankie Mirisciotti, Mark Mitchell, Taylor Jordan

 best tattoo shops in atlanta-all or nothing tattoo

Thunderbolt Tattoo

Quick Fact: The place to go for Japanese tattooing

Artists: Joe Vegas, Josh May, Darby Wilson

best tattoo shops in atlanta-thunderbolt tattoo

Live Free Tattoo

Quick Fact: A classic traditional tattoo studio with a modern approach

Artists: Jason KellyMiguel Olascuaga, Brett Pundt, Alan Berg, Cori James, Rex Holloway

best tattoo shops in atlanta-live free tattoo

City Of Ink

Quick Fact: Miya Bailey’s unique style is a truly one of a kind

Artists: Miya Bailey, Corey Davis, Melvin Todd, Chris Colbert, Paper Frank

best tattoo shops in atlanta-city of ink

Ink And Dagger Studio

Quick Fact: All hail Russ Abbott

Artists: Russ Abbott, Clinton Lee, Brandon David, Savannah Coleen, Eddie Stacey, Erick Holguin, Tripps Kah’ai, Tyler Monaghan

best tattoo shops in atlanta-ink and dagger studio

ABT Tattoo

Quick Fact: Todo is one of Georgia’s top names in tattooing

Artists: Todo, Charles, Anthony, Ericka McKibben

best tattoo shops in atlanta-abt tattoo

Timeless Tattoo

Quick Fact: A key part of the Atlanta community since 1995

Artists: Lew Hands, Brain Snape, Cap Szumski, David Long, Barbara Spence, Sergio Lindop, Morgan Russell

best tattoo shops in atlanta-timeless tattoo

Only You Tattoo

Quick Fact: Big city skills with a neighborhood feel

Artists: Danielle Distefano, Matt Greenhalgh, Charles Chatov, Jake Wilkes, Sean Wright

best tattoo shops in atlanta-only you tattoo

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Atlanta


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