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8 Optical Illusion Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Tattoo artists are stepping up their game and becoming incredibly skilled regarding the art they’re inking onto their customers. Not only are they experimenting with new colour and shading techniques compared to decades ago, but some of their designs also look like optical illusions. Here are 8 optical illusion tattoos that will blow your mind.

1: Shadowed Butterfly

This tattoo looks cool because it appears the butterfly is perched upon her shoulder given the placement of the shadow.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-3

2: Behind Closed Doors

For those who like quirky tattoos, this one fits the bill—not only is it a little creepy, but it’s also well-done and unique.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-4

3: A Wood Carving

Speaking of well-done and unique, this replication of a woodcarving is incredibly life-like. Not only is it a conversation starter, but it’s not something you see every day.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-5

4: Now You See Me!

While this eye is mournful and full of emotion, that’s exactly what makes it a powerful tattoo. The tears look incredibly real. When looking at the eye, it almost appears wet. The deep shadows in the eye make it appear deep set into the skin.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-6

5: Who Needs Hats?

Have you ever seen a dented head? Why would you want to, right? In this case, why would want to stop looking at this scalp tattoo? The temptation to touch it is overwhelming.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-1

6: When Frustration Pours Out

Here is another optical illusion tattoo evoking powerful emotion. The details in this tattoo appear as though the skin is actually wrinkling. The details in the rest of the tattoo pull it together in a way that’s mesmerizing and provoking.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-2

7: Popeye!

Have you ever wanted an arm as muscular as Popeye’s? When you have this optical illusion tattoo, you can! The tattoo artist made this individual appear as though he’s swinging one of Popeye’s mighty arms after eating a can of spinach.

Optical Illusion Tattoos

8: M.C. Escher-esque

The work of M.C. Escher evokes optical illusion in a myriad of ways and when presented in a tattoo, it’s incredible. For those who have the opportunity to find a tattoo artist skilled enough to replicate his work, it’s an experience that will change your life.

Optical Illusion Tattoos-7

The work of M.C. Escher evokes optical illusion in a myriad of ways and when presented in a tattoo, it’s incredible. For those who have the opportunity to find a tattoo artist skilled enough to replicate his work, it’s an experience that will change your life.

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Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo designs for women are changing especially when it comes to core values and the stigma associated with them. While a woman getting a tattoo was fairly counterculture decades ago, the idea of tattoos for women today is fairly commonplace. There are many styles of tattooing for women that range from classic style retro and traditional tattoos to modern photorealistic recreations of characters, people and more.

According to a PEW research Center survey over 36% of Americans between 18 and 25 have at least one tattoo. Women actually tend to have ink more so than men. Nearly half of women under the ages of 35 have a tattoo in the USA.

With so many people opting for tattoos today it can be tough to find a style of tattoo that generates originality. Here are some top ideas that can really set tattoo designs for women apart:

Photo realistic tattoos: photorealistic tattoos often take extra time but they can be absolutely stunning. In examples like this James Harden Tattoo, we see realistic art that is photo-quality and wearable for a lifetime. Women that wanted to capture a specific moment, family member or idol on their bodies can now do so in a more effective manner than ever before.

New school: new school tattoos that showcase the styling of old-school tattoo styles but with new characters, imagery and modern designs can be a popular favorite amongst women today. This example that comes from Jon Larsen is a perfect example of how colorful, vibrant and traditional and new school tattoo can look.

Traditional tattoos: Because only a small percentage of elderly women and senior women have tattoos, the idea of modern women getting a classic tattoo is still relatively new. A classic tattoo like this one by Brian Henry is a perfect way for modern women to get involved with a traditional tattoo trend that is waining in popularity due to viral trends. 

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The Best Modern Tattoo Designs For Men

It can be tough to be inspired when it comes to modern tattoo designs that will stand up against the test of time. While many men love getting vintage style tattoos it can be tough to actually find a modern tattoo that looks like it could have the same amount of staying power as some of that old school navy tattoos or vintage looking pin ups might have. Here are some of the top front runners as the best modern tattoo designs for men that could be popular amongst young people several generations from now.

Realism style tattoos: With the skill of artists that are tattooing today as well as innovations in tattoo machines, inks and design it is possible to create ultra-realistic tattoos. While these can be expensive tattoo designs for men and take many sessions to get perfect, they are stunning pieces that will stand the test of time.

Illustrative Tattoos: modern illustrated tattoos that combine realism with bold images of fantasy or characters from pop-culture are a great way to capture the idea of a particular point in your life. With the intense color saturation as well as very realistic shading styles this is a modern look that combines vintage tattoo techniques with modern technology.

Biomechanical tattoos for men: The biomechanical modern tattoo is a very popular choice. These style tattoos often follow the look of your body and make it look as though your arms and muscles are combined with machinery or robot parts. They are an excellent choice for a sleeve, leg tattoo or chest tattoo.

Neo Traditional style tattoos: Some of the most iconic tattoos in North America are still the original American classic style tattoos as popularized by Sailor Jerry. Neo traditional takes the traditional tattooing or vintage design and adds modern twists like modern style women, animals personified and more.

Use these Top modern styles to inspire you with the best tattoo designs for men.

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25 Amazing Ideas for Your Next Tattoo Sleeve

Tattoo sleeve ideas and themes for your next design

If you’re looking for ideas for your next tattoo sleeve we have you covered. Instead of posting specific tattoo sleeve ideas and tattoo designs, we’ve decided to give you a listing of 25 amazing tattoo sleeve themes, and the artists behind the masterpieces. Take some elements for inspiration, or even better, get hooked up with one of the following tattooists for your next bit of work.

These themes should give you an excellent starting point to visualize the look of your next tattoo rather than arbitrarily seeking a tattoo sleeve. This article will present you with the a various styles of tattooing as we would love to help you make informed decisions on your next tattoo idea.

Make sure to follow all of the amazing artists in this article to stay up to date with their awesome work.

The Dotwork Tattoo Sleeve


via: @MelowPerez


via: @thejamesmuseum

The Contemporary Japanese Tattoo Sleeve


via: @GogueArt

The Abstract Tattoo Sleeve


via: @Kapiton85


via: @ondrashtattoo


via: @vtimv


via: @sven_von_krantz

The Traditional Japanese Tattoo Sleeve


via: @dongdong_mummytattoo


via: @deathcloak


via: @chrisreedrl1

The Blackwork Tattoo Sleeve


via: @hanumantra


via: @arang_eleven

The Black and Grey Tattoo Sleeve


via: @frafetto


via: @kris_sunkee


via: @juncha

The Contemporary Tattoo Sleeve


via: @adrianatak

The Bio-Mech Tattoo Sleeve


via: @mechmastermike

The Realistic Tattoo Sleeve



The Ornamental Tattoo Sleeve


via: @mattblacktattoo

The Trash Polka Tattoo Sleeve


via: @buenavistatattooclub

The Polynesian Tattoo Sleeve



The Space Themed Tattoo Sleeve


via: @romantattoos

The Pop Culture Tattoo Sleeve


via: @jamestattooart


via: @benjaminlaukis

The Ornamental Japanese Tattoo Sleeve


via: @nissaco

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Tribal Tattoos: Reviving Tribal Art

Tribal Tattoos became popular with mainstream tattooing in the early 1990s. The first tattoo designs were mostly fire or sun inspired – which was worn as a respect to the sun gods. Initially these tattoos were worn for physical and religious functions. For instance, tribe members used tattoos to symbolize a union much like our current use of wedding rings. Tribal tattoos were also worn by tribal members as a way to identity their tribes. Getting tribal tattoos was also believed to take men to other religious levels where they could enhance their spirituality.

Read more: Tribal Tattoos For Men

The word tattoo was in fact derived from the word “tatau” from Polynesian. Most of the folks in Marques, an island in Polynesia, were tattooed. They deemed those symbols as a form of language. Usually the images were inspired by animals, like sharks teeth that symbolized protection or turtles and fish that symbolized navigators. You can read more on the meanings of Polynesian Tattooing right here.

Modern Tribal Tattoos are exceptionally striking as they are most frequently comprised of thick black lines forming bold, interlocking, swirling designs. Take a look at the work of @bong_tatau for reference. Modern tribal art is an adaptation of styles from Aztec, Samoan, Polynesian, Indian, Hawaiian, Egyptian, Mayan, and Maori. These tribes traditionally used tattoos for identification and to signify social status. On the whole, the black tribal tattoo designs convey mythical and mysterious meanings individually associated with each design.

Most people choose a tattoo design based on some significance of the design in their lives. Tribal tattoos are seen as a means to express yourself without being too loud or very clear about that message.

Types of Tribal Tattoos

  • Tribal cross tattoos
  • Tribal sun tattoos
  • Celtic tribal tattoos
  • Tribal wolf tattoos
  • Hawaiian tribal tattoos
  • Maori tribal tattoos
  • Polynesian tribal tattoos
  • Tribal dragon tattoos

Depending on who you ask, today’s tribal tattoos are more a trend then fashion. You can find modern tribal tattoos with colours, random images, or elements from other tattoo styles. It’s important to remember that these are not traditional tribal tattoos – if you’re looking for a traditional tribal tattoo, we recommend doing your research and going to a well established artist within that niche. Due to a dilution in tribal designs, traditional communities today are far more cautious with the judgement of meaning in tribal tattoos.

Actors like Mike Tyson, Dwayne Johnson, Cheryl Cole and Jamie Fox are some of the more notable celebrities seen wearing tribal tattoo designs.

Image Credit: @bong_tatau

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