Are Digital Tattoos Here To Stay?


Are Digital Tattoos Here To Stay?

A New Breakthrough in Technology: Digital Tattoos

It was going to happen sooner or later – the push towards an even more invasive wearable. Today, we have smartphones, smart watches and other smart wearables, but these are already getting pretty old. As we look ahead at what’s next in this genre, we see something straight out of a sci-fi movie – digital tattoos.

What is a Digital Tattoo?

A digital tattoo is a tattoo that allows digital data to be transmitted to and fro. Imagine having a digital tattoo on your hand that allows you to unlock your car or home door. Or, when you shake someone’s hand, information is shared (public info, of course). This is the concept tech companies are rolling with as they streamline their efforts towards the newest tech trend.

How Digital Tattoos May Work

According to NewDealDesign – the design consultants behind Fitbit and other activity trackers – this new technology will be more personable. People will be able to choose where to insert their data chips and tattoo, such as in the wrist, palm or arm. Your tattoo will be unique to you, pretty much like a fingerprint. It will interact with your body’s electro-chemical energy, allowing it to read your blood sugar levels and temperature, among other things.

The data will, of course, be encrypted, so as to protect your personal data. The implant will be used to protect your other belongings, such as credit cards, which can be programmed to only work when it’s in your hand.

This super tattoo would be able to track your movements and contextualize your gestures. It could distinguish between a handshake with a business partner and a hand-hold with a lover or child. The hands are intimate parts of our body, so it makes sense that this type of device would be placed here. Let’s face it – putting it on our foreheads or the back of our neck would feel a little too cyborgish.

The Probability of this Coming to Life

NewDealDesign has already talked to various entrepreneurs who are looking into Underskin devices, so it’s a very real concept that can come true as soon as the next five years. The technology is already there, it just needs to be created. What would be the hardest part of the project would be the flexible display. The communication, implantation, siphoning of your body’s energy and sensor would be the easy parts. That goes to show how close we likely are to integrating this into our everyday lives very soon.

Are You Ready?

The great thing about the digital tattoo concept is that it does a great job of fitting right into our lifestyle. This will make it more acceptable to the general public, especially if it can convince us that our data will be secured from hackers.

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