Feminist Tattoos In The Middle East

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Feminist Tattoos In The Middle East

For decades, women all over the world have been getting tattoos and experimenting with different designs. Women from certain countries can get tattooed, but they can’t show them in public. For example, in the United States, if a woman wants to join the Marines, she must follow their tattoo policy. There are also feminist tattoos in the Middle East causing an uproar.

Feminism is Considered Negative

The reason feminist tattoos in the Middle East are causing an uproar is because feminism is regarded as a negative notion. Therefore, when women publicly display a tattoo featuring their support of feminism, the Islam Republic frowns upon this decision. While it isn’t uncommon for men to have tattoos in the Middle East, many of the designs are considered part of today’s modern Westernization of the Islamic country.

Why is it Controversial?

The controversy stems from some of the feminist tattoos supporting women’s rights that are against the law in the Middle East. For example, if the feminist tattoos are in support of abortion, which is against the law, then that would be a controversial ink design in the Middle East. Other controversial feminist tattoos include the Venus symbol, quotes depicting a woman’s power, braille spelling out the words, “I am enough,” powerful words, symbols depicting equality, and pictures of powerful women.

Will Women Stop?

Now that women know that feminist tattoos in the Middle East are causing an uproar, will they stop getting them? The short answer is likely no. The long answer is that many women in the Middle East, even if they’re feminists, still view tattoos as taboo and if they get one they’ll likely keep it hidden. If they don’t keep it hidden from sight, they may consider designing it in such a way that it’s not obviously a feminist tattoo. That way, they’re not drawing as much attention to themselves.

Are there Repercussions?

So far, the feminist tattoos that have come into question have made the press—but that’s all. They’re creating a controversy, but the issue hasn’t resulted in anything more than widespread upset. Does this mean that it’s okay for Middle Eastern women to run out and get feminist tattoos tomorrow? Not necessarily. If she does, there’s still the chance of facing public shaming.

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