What It’s Like To Get A Tattoo At A Convention


What It’s Like To Get A Tattoo At A Convention

There are about seven tattoo conventions being held on any given month, which gives tattoo lovers and artists plenty of opportunity to get in on the fun. Going to a convention for the first time can be exciting and fun. But what if you’re looking to get tatted up during your visit? Well, you can join the countless other folks who are attending for the very same reason. If you’re planning on going to a tattoo convention soon, and would like to leave there with fresh new ink, then keep the following in mind.

Try Finding an Artist in Advance

It’s good to know who will be there, so you can begin researching who you want to do your tattoo. As we all know, tattoos are permanent (unless you dish out the money to have a painful procedure done to remove it), so it’s something that should be contemplated, not rushed into. And a part of the contemplation should be considering which artist you should entrust to perform the task. Check out their artwork on social media and on their website portfolios to determine who has the best hands.

Try Booking an Appointment

While you’re at it, you should also try booking an appointment with your tattoo artist of choice before the tattoo convention. This way, you know for sure you will get placed into the schedule. Do note that some artists will book appointments, but then there are others who won’t. So cross your fingers and hope you get an email response confirming your date and time. Otherwise, try to get to the appointment early to get dibs on the tattoo seat.

Don’t Force It

If you can’t find the artist you want or can’t get the appointment you desire, then consider waiting for another convention. You don’t want to force your way into a situation where you end up with a tattoo you hate. This isn’t a good time to settle!

Grab a Bite to Eat Beforehand

Getting a tattoo can take some time, so it would be smart to get something to eat before you start. Most conventions are also outdoors, which means hot weather and lots of hot bodies. Make sure to bring along a couple of bottles of water to sip on as you’re getting tatted up.

Bring a Design with You

Explaining a design can be rather hard and sometimes frustrating. Have someone draw up the design you want, or find an image of it online, so that you can show it to the artist. This will hasten the experience and ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Getting a tattoo at a convention isn’t unheard of and is actually quite popular. So make sure you’re well-prepared in advance, so you don’t miss out on a grand opportunity to get a tattoo from a top-notch artist!

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