How To Choose Between Tattoo Fonts


How To Choose Between Tattoo Fonts

A helpful guide for choosing your next tattoo font.

Earlier we spoke on different tattoo fonts for your personal research, but now we want to help you get a tattoo you wont regret. Here are a few tips that should help guide your choice.

Visualize With Online Tools

The emergence of web and mobile is creating new and exciting opportunities for the tattoo community. There are hundreds of excellent tools and website you can use to help you visualize the look you are trying to attain. Whether you’re looking to have some fun, or getting serious about your decision, the web is a great first stop.

Trust Your Tattoo Artist

Listen to the pros. They’ve seen it all, they’ve done it all. An experienced tattoo artist will be your best bet for finding what will work. If you’ve found a good artist he or she will be honest with you. Most importantly, don’t settle. Seek out more than one opinion, this is a permanent choice that you should feel 100% confident with.

Stay True To Your Tattoo Style

Mixing different styles of tattooing can be a fantastic visual when done properly. It can also be a nightmare if not approached in a well thought out manner. If you’re planning on straying from your typical style in your choice of tattoo fonts, make sure to visualize it’s appearance prior to getting inked.

Choose With Your Emotion, Rather Than Trends

Styles and trends dictate popular tattooing, however they should never dictate your choice of tattoo fonts. Make sure that your choice means something to you and is something you’re proud of wearing. We’re not saying the item should have a deep and explicit significance, but at least be sure that it’s something meaningful and something you know you’ll want to wear 10 years from now.

All tattoo choices deserve good planning, tattoo fonts are no different. Make sure to take advantage of every tool, and opinion at your disposal prior to getting started.

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