How To Stop Tattoo Itch


How To Stop Tattoo Itch

You just got a new tattoo and it’s starting to heal. The healing is causing an uncontrollable itch – a sign of proper healing –  that you know you can’t scratch (without ruining your latest masterpiece).  So what do you do?

Here are three ideas you can try to stop tattoo itch:

Chew bubble gum

This method is an idea for ignoring your tattoo itch. Chewing bubble gum is a proven method for getting your mind off an activity due to it’s physical, passive nature. Other items that may help you get rid of your itch are: playing video games, typing, practicing an instrument, and anything that requires the use of your physical assets in conjunction with your mind.

Pat the area lightly

Patting the area can help to sooth tattoo itch. If you are going to pat the area, it’s recommended that you pat lightly and do so over your clean clothing. Using your barehands to pat your open tattoo wound can be a very bad idea; even when washed throughly, hands carry immense amounts of bacteria. You should avoid making direct contact with your healing tattoo at all possible times.

Use ice

A last resort item for stopping tattoo itch is the use of ice wrapped in a towel. Place ice in a Ziploc bag and wrap it in a towel, pat your tattoo down or hold the compress over your healing skin. This gives the area a new sensation and helps to take your mind off the itch.

It’s extremely important that you wrap the ice in a Ziploc as you do not want ice/excess water making direct contact with your healing tattoo. 

The question of “How to stop tattoo itch” is an age old item that plagues all tattoo enthusiasts. Different skin types, diets, levels of health, tattoo placement, and types of ink can all effect the healing process and how long your itch may last. Generally, tattoo itch should only last for a few days to a week – however instances of healthy healing have been reported as long as four weeks after tattooing – so don’t be surprised should your itch persist.

If you experience a severe itching or any other signs of an allergic reaction, it’s best to visit a doctor.

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