Parents Get Tattoo Of Daughters Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different


Parents Get Tattoo Of Daughters Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

Two caring parents have gotten identical tattoos of their daughters birthmark so that she won’t feel different.

18-month-old Honey-Rae Phillips was born with a birthmark along the right side of her body that occupies nearly 50% of her skin. The birthmark is a side effect of medical difficulties experienced after birth. Tanya Phillips, Honey’s mother explains:

“She’s struggled to breathe when she was first born and was rushed to the special care unit. When I went to see her she was just lying in a little incubator and that’s when I saw it. It broke my heart.”

“I just sobbed and sobbed knowing my baby was going to be permanently marked for the rest of her life.”

Initially the family decided to cover Honey-Rae’s legs when they went out to avoid staring strangers. Knowing this couldn’t last for ever, Phillips eventually dressed in her shorts only to be taunted by the whispers of onlookers.


Phillips conceeded that, “if adults could be that insensitive, then kids at school would also be unintentionally mean.” So, it was at this moment that Tanya and he husband Adam realized they had an opportunity to help their daughter. They figured that she would be much happier if she wasn’t the only one who looked the way she did, so the couple decided to get identical tattoos of the markings to remind Honey that she will never be alone.

The tattoos themselves only took about two and a half hours at the cost of $124. Adam initially got the Tattoo last christmas, while Tanya finished later that year during her 40th birthday.

“It was incredibly painful, especially as I had a flower to cover some old star tattoos, but it was worth every second of the pain. When the swelling went down, I showed Honey-Rae, and she gently touched it and smiled as she said ‘Match,’ pointing to her own leg.”

Tanya says that Honey-Rae loves to touch her parents’ tattoos and then her own birthmark, comparing and giggling each time.

“Some people will says it odd and think what we’ve done is quite extreme, but in our eyes all we have done is ensure Honey-Rae never feels different.”

The only thing “extreme” about this tattoo is the Phillips’ family love for their amazing daughter.  Our world needs more parents like Tanya and Adam.




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