10 Pokemon Tattoos That Will Have You Shaking Your Head

pokemon tattoos

10 Pokemon Tattoos That Will Have You Shaking Your Head

With Pokemon taking center stage once again now that the new “Pokemon Go” game has hit millions of smartphones across the land, people are showing their love for the brand in many ways. That, of course, includes a wide variety of Pikachu and other various Pokemon tattoos.

We’re going to take a look at 10 Pokemon tattoos that will have you shaking your head as this craze continues to amaze.

1: Articuno Leg Mural

For those who have an interest in showing their love for the game, they can depict in on their entire leg mural style.


2: Create a Pokemon Character Montage

Can’t figure out which one of the Pokemon characters to choose from? You can do like this individual did and created a character montage.

pokemon tattoos


3: Chansey as a Zombie

Have you ever seen Chansey as a zombie? If not, now you have! This individual decided to go “goth” and turn this Pokemon character into a zombie tattoo.

pokemon tattoos 1

4: Is it Pikachu or Dead Pool?

This guy decided to turn Pikachu into Dead Pool for his Pokemon themed tattoo.

pokemon tattoos

5: Badge Display

Do you have an impressive badge collection you’re eager to share with your friends, but no way of displaying them? Then what better way to do it then with a tattoo, right? That’s what this guy thought.



6: The Starters-Showing the Love

This tattoo is a montage of all the starters, and this design is a great way of showing your love for them.

pokemon tattoos 2

7: Collarbone Tattoo of Articuno Pokemon

They say go big or go home, right? Well, when she picked out her Pokemon design, she clearly wasn’t ready to go home.


8: The Bold and the Beautiful

Some people like to keep their tattoo designs delicate and subtle—while others prefer to go bold and dramatic. That’s how these individuals decided to go with their Pokemon themed tattoos.

pokemon tattoos 4

9: It’s Quotable

This woman decided to pair her love for Pokemon characters with quotes and combine them into a tattoo for her shoulder.

pokemon tattoos 5

10: Always Room for Ice Cream

Have you ever seen Jiggly Puff as an ice cream? Well, if you haven’t, now you have! Not only is this a unique tattoo design but it’s cute, too.

pokemon tattoos 6


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