10 Presidential Tattoos You Won’t Believe


10 Presidential Tattoos You Won’t Believe

We’ve heard of people getting tattoos of their children’s faces and sometimes of their spouse or another loved one. We’ve also heard of tattoo artists inking iconic figures and other famous portraits for people. However, we’re not going to talk about those. Instead, we’re going to talk about 10 presidential tattoos you won’t believe.

1: Donald Trump’s Likeness

With the 2016 Election season looming on the horizon, people across the country are visiting tattoo parlors to permanently ink Donald Trump’s image on various parts of their bodies in support of his candidacy.

2: Bernie Sanders Supporters

Even though Sanders isn’t in the race anymore, that didn’t stop supporters from tattooing his face on their bodies and keeping his memory alive on their bodies forever.

3: President Obama

While many support President Obama, this doesn’t mean they should be getting his portrait inked across their back, on their biceps, or up their calf.

4: Hilary Clinton’s Smile

A tattoo of the candidate for President, Hilary Clinton, while she’s smiling is one of the most popular choices of tattoos for those in support of her candidacy this upcoming election.

5: Thomas Jefferson

Yes, this tattoo exists and, believe it or not, it was inked in celebration of Thomas Jefferson Day. Many other portraits of the third President are also a popular choice in tattoo parlors.

6: Abraham Lincoln

Would you ever guess someone would have Abraham Lincoln’s portrait tattooed on their arm or anywhere else on their body, for that matter? It happened, and it might happen again!

7: George Washington

Why not get a Presidential tattoo of our first President but, instead of a traditional portrait, why not change it by making half his face into a zombie like this tattoo artist did?

8: John F. Kennedy

The 35th President of the United States is another portrait you won’t believe people are getting tattooed on their bodies. It’s incredible how lifelike the artwork is on these tattoos.

9: Richard Nixon

Would you believe people would have a portrait of Richard Nixon, the 37th President, tattooed on them forever? Well, they did, and the results are also incredibly lifelike.

10: Bill Clinton

Those who were in support of President Bill Clinton weren’t opposed to getting his portrait tattooed on their bodies. His likeness is incredible in much of the work you see in photographs, like this one for example.

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