Pros And Cons Of One-Year Temporary Tattoo Ink

Pros And Cons Of One-Year Temporary Tattoo Ink

Pros And Cons Of One-Year Temporary Tattoo Ink

Up until now, tattoos have been somewhat a lifetime commitment. We say somewhat because there has been an influx of people getting them removed in droves. In fact, data collected from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows that in 2015, tattoo removal in America has risen by 39 percent.

This treatment can run you $350 per session, requiring upwards of 10 sessions, if not more. If people are willing to dish out that kind of money to remove a tattoo, that could say a lot about their level of commitment.

For this reason, it’s very likely that biomolecular engineer by the name of Seung Shin is about to become a very wealthy man. Why? Because he may have a solution to this dilemma – the not-so-permanent tattoo ink that only lasts one year. This ink is designed to fade evenly over the course of 12 months and can also be removed sooner – in just one session.

The Pros of One-Year Tattoo Ink

There are many pros to point out with this type of ink. For one, it allows people who have commitment issues to join in the tattooing fun. They can test out the concept of a tattoo without worrying about the long-term effects.

Another positive is that you can have more than one tattoo over the course of your life, without breaking your wallet. Let’s face it, trends come and go, so what may be popular today won’t be in a few years. This allows you to stay within the trends of the tattoo industry without getting married to any one design in any one location.

And how about the money being saved if you decide to remove it, or better yet, wait out the year? Thousands of dollars are being saved here for those who decide to back out early. Who knows, you may land yourself a job that abhors tattoos and need to remove it quickly and affordably. Or you may end up breaking up with the guy or gal whose name you tatted on your chest. At least with this option, the tattoo would fade away by the time the relationship is over.

The cost of a temporary tattoo isn’t so bad, and is slated to cost between $50 and $100 for an average sized tattoo.

The Cons

Right now, there are only two colors you can choose between, and that’s blue and red ink. That severely limits any type of imagination you have to conjure up some really cool tattoo ideas.

Those who fall in love with their tattoo will be sad to see it go. And the idea of paying for a tattoo that won’t last past a year could seem like a waste of time and money to some. But then again, it all depends on the person.
You can expect this new type of ink to become available in the fall of 2017.

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