What The Sun Can Do To Your Tattoo And How You Can Protect It

What the Sun Can Do to Your Tattoo and How You Can Protect It

What The Sun Can Do To Your Tattoo And How You Can Protect It

It’s no secret that many love being out in the sun, be it for sunbathing or to pursue outdoor hobbies. However, what some of those individuals may not realize is, if they have tattoos, they need additional protection from UV rays to prevent burning or skin cancer. Tattoo fading can occur as a result and, what’s worse, it’s difficult to screen for skin cancer when tattoo colours are present. Let’s look specifically at what the sun can do to your tattoo and how you can protect it so you can enjoy your ink for your lifetime.

Don’t Forget Sun Protection

It’s not unusual for individuals to believe if they skin has ink, it doesn’t need sun lotion. However, no matter how new or old a tattoo is, there should be sun protection on that skin area. Choosing lotion with a high SPF is always an excellent choice. However, your dermatologist or tattoo artist will provide the best recommendation.

Indoor Tanning

The choice to use indoor tanning beds isn’t necessarily a good one when you have a tattoo. The main reason is that they could be more damaging than the sun because the UV rays have a higher concentration. Also, people tend to stay in tanning beds longer and over-expose themselves. If being in an indoor tanning bed is more comfortable for you than being out in the sun, mask your tattoo carefully and then use a sunless tanner to help blend it in neatly. That way, you’re not over-exposing that area of your skin inadvertently or fading the ink in your tattoo.


For those who choose to use a self-tanning lotion or spray tan, this choice is just as safe as applying a UV protection cream. The only thing you have to ensure is that your tattoo has completely gone through its healing process. Remember, the colour of your sunless tanner could create an odd look with the pigments of your tattoo’s appearance. One of the best ways to prevent this from occurring is to mask off the area of your tattoos carefully, and then apply the sunless tanner. Then, touch-up the areas around the tattoo so it blends in neatly.

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