10 Simple Tattoos That Make A Big Statement


10 Simple Tattoos That Make A Big Statement

Whoever said you have to go all out with your tattoo design? You don’t have to walk out of the tattoo shop with all of your limbs covered in ink. Modest, but bold tattoos are sometimes enough to make whatever statement you’re trying to make. Finding the design for your tattoo can be tough, especially when you’re trying to keep it simple and small.


Thankfully, there’s a trend for introverts and others who dare to get a tattoo, but not dare cover their bodies in ink. The following ideas can be used to help you decide on a tattoo that’s simple and sweet.

One-Word Tattoos

Sometimes, one word is all you need to speak volumes. Powerful words like love, life and freedom can speak bounds about a person. Do you have a particular word you use to describe yourself or your hopes and aspirations? You can have this word tatted onto the back of your neck, chest, leg, forearm or even your hand.

Worded Tattoos

Sometimes, one word isn’t enough. You can find a variety of people writing a sentence or even a paragraph of text on their bodies. Text-only tats are still very simple, one-toned ink. Common places you’ll find these tats is on backs, legs and stomachs, where there is sufficient space.


Do you love a brand so much that you want to tat its logo on your body? Or maybe you have your own business logo that you want to represent. Either way, you can do it discreetly or boldly, depending on your own flavor.


Flowers are pretty. There are so many varieties and designs you can use, making yours unique from anyone else’s. Go for roses, tulips, vines or something else that piques your interest.


We’ve seen stars quite a lot in the tattoo world, and they seem to never get old. They can represent your love for this country or for the heaven’s above. Tat this on your tummy, back, ankle or anywhere else you deem fit.

Religious Icons

Christians, Muslims, Jews and all other religious individuals can represent their beliefs by tattooing a cross, crescent moon or Star of David on their body. You’ll normally find this on arms, backs and legs.

Ear Tattoos

Yes, we are seeing more people take their tattoos to unique places like on the earlobe. Here, you can get away with flowers, words and just about anything else that can be printed small enough.

Toe Tats

Here’s another discreet and unique place to put a tattoo. Since toes are tiny, you would have to pick something very simple, such as a word, flower, icon or something similar.

Cats and Kittens

Felines are seductive beings, so it makes sense that we’d want them tatted on our bodies. You can have a simple cat designed on the back of your neck, arm, leg and anywhere else you’d like to put it.


Yes, as in the bow you’d tie around your neck on in your hair. These are quite popular and are also very simple, but cute.

Hopefully, these ideas are enough to get your own creative juices flowing!

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