20 Small Tattoos For Men And Women

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20 Small Tattoos For Men And Women

So you’re finally ready for some small tattoos? You’ve navigated here because you may be looking for small tattoo inspiration, ideas, and more. You’re not ready to go for a full out large tattoo, or you’re just into smaller more subtle tattoos. Whatever the reason, we’ve got your needs covered. 

Small tattoos for women, and small tattoos for men are usually covered online but in this article we wanted to approach the topic in a more unisex fashion. In this list you’ll find twenty five awesome small tattoo ideas, that work for any gender.

Small Tattoo Costs

When you dip your toes into tattooing, it can be an expensive proposition. What’s nice about getting started with smaller tattoos, is that you’re looking at an smaller immediate investment. Most tattoo artists charge a minimum hourly rate that can range from $40-$80 depending on your region, and the artists skill level. It’s common for most tattoo artists to charge a flat one hour fee for small tattoos that take less than one hour, so be prepared to pay at least one hour for your small tattoo.

Small Tattoo Benefits

The benefits of having a small tattoo are quite obvious. The most apparent one is visibility. While we live in a more accepting time for tattoo’d individuals, pre-existing bias still occur at home, in the workplace, and in public. When you have a small tattoo, it’s much easier to hide it in those awkward moment. Don’t want grandma to see your latest rose? Cover it up with a sleeve.

Examples of Small Tattoos

Take a look below at our list of 25 small tattoos. We’ve done our best job to provide a non-gender biased list, complete with various themes of inspiration such as traditional tattooing, contemporary tattooing, dotwork tattooing, realism tattooing, abstract tattooing, and many many more styles.

Small Script Tattoo

Small Globe Tattoo

Small Pokemon Tattoo

Small Butterfly Tattoo

Small Gun Tattoo

Small Finger Tattoos

Small Palm Tree Dotwork Tattoo

Small Baby Foot Print Tattoo

Small Realistic Maple Leaf Tattoo

Small Click Bait Tattoo

Small Photo Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Small Chest Symbol Tattoos

Small Anchor Tattoo

Small Couples Tattoos

Small Fox Tattoo

Small Wings And Letters Tattoo

Small Pineapple Tattoo

Small X O Tattoo

Small Pixel Hearts Tattoo

Small Finger Tiger Tattoo


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