Would You Get A Surprise Tattoo

Would You Get A Surprise Tattoo

Would You Get A Surprise Tattoo

Last year, a New York tattoo artist by the name of Scott Campbell put a spin on inking up his guests. Rather than working on their choices, they put their arms through a hole in the wall, and their tattoo was a complete surprise to them during an art installation event. Typically a tattoo artist to the stars, people showed up in droves for their tattoos when this artist announced when he was offering these surprise tattoos. This event begs the question, of course, if the tattoo parlour in your area offered them, would you get a surprise tattoo?

What Are the Benefits to a Surprise Tattoo?

For one thing, you have to have complete trust in your tattoo artist. This opportunity is the perfect opportunity to overcome your fear of trusting people, as well as getting tattooed. For those who are indecisive about what kind of tattoo they should get, deciding if you would get a surprise tattoo is the only thing you have to worry about—the tattoo artist will take care of everything else. All you need to do is sit back and get your ink. The only catch with receiving a surprise tattoo is you can’t give any input.

What Are the Cons to a Surprise Tattoo?

Of course, you may dislike the tattoo the artist chose for you. However, if you’re working with an acclaimed tattoo artist, the chances of that happening are slim. Take Scott Campbell’s event, for example. Everyone who agreed to an interview discussed how the process took about one hour, their tattoo was on their forearm, and they loved the outcome—some even said the experience was life-changing. Everyone walked into the experience knowing they couldn’t provide input and where the tattoo would be placed on their body. Your tattoo artist should be providing the same information to you.

Give it Serious Thought

Because a tattoo is a permanent part of your body, you have to give the question, “Would you get a surprise tattoo?” serious thought. It isn’t something you should ever walk into blindly or do as a dare. Remember that tattoo removal is costly and painful so, if you do decide to participate in this experience, you will be living with the decision for the rest of your life.

Image: Thomas Hawk

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