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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Charlotte

Naming the best tattoo artists in Charlotte is no easy task; there’s a marvelous group of talented artists in the city. They work hard at their passion and make tattoo dreams realities every day. Charlotte artists do not shy away from any kind of work. They’ll tackle anything from castles to pets and they will tackle it with the utmost care!

If you’re searching for the best tattoo artists in Charlotte you’re likely only to find a few articles here and there. Or, you may find an excellent review from complex.  So we decided to craft something better to showcase artists in the city.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is subjective. Who we include and exclude may not please everyone, but 0ur sincere goal is to reflect a grouping of artists in an amazing city. Tattooing is fascinating and beautiful work. Charlotte is lucky to have so many talented artists.

1. Stacy Smith – Tattoo Me Charlotte

We can honestly say we have never seen such a colorful castle piece before.

2. Phil Knowles

“Money on my mind”, see what they did there? This “peek-through” effect was executed beautifully.


3. Chris Stuart – Made To Last Tattoo

Because every “good boy” deserve to be remembered forever.

4. Ande Rummel – Brüt Tattoo

5. Dani – Haylo Studio

Name a more electrifying use of color…we’ll wait.

6. Jay Crider – Eagles League Tattoo

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7. Chad Moore – Tattoo Me Charlotte

8. Bobby Williams – Tattoo Me Charlotte

You’ve heard of Mother Nature, pretty sure this is Father Nature.

9. Jace LaFace – Charlotte Tattoo Company

It’s not every day you see someone with an octopus tattooed on them. Thumbs up to Jake and his client for going outside the box.


10. Anna – Made To Last Tattoo

And just exactly where do you think he’s going?

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