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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Indianapolis

Naming the best Indianapolis tattoo artists is no easy task; there’s a marvelous group of talented artists in and around the city working in their passion and making tattoo dreams realities.

If you’re searching for the best Indianapolis tattoo artists you’re likely only to find a few articles here and there or an excellent review from a complex.  So we took it upon ourselves to craft something worthy of the artists in the city.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is subjective and that who we include and exclude may raise a few questions. Our goal is to reflect a grouping of artists in an amazing city.


1. Bailey Jörk – Tats For Rats

Who needs jewelry? Get tattoos!


2. Dustin Leach – Fountain Square Tattoo

A beautiful contrast of death and life.

3. Chase Vince – New Generation Ink

How many Komodo Dragons are you going to see tattooed in your life? This is up there on the unique list.



4. Laura Black – Firefly Tattoo

We love the clean lines and movement Laura creates in her work.


5. Anthony Malichi Pro – Ink Studios

Someone has been practicing their shading skills!


6. Jay Schuler – Indiana Tattoo Company

This colorful steampunk piece is as fun to look at as it was for Jay to ink it.

7. Alice Bea Guerin – Knot Eye Tattoo

It’s spring time all the time with this beautiful piece from Alice.

Healed with new little buzzes (from a few weeks back). #knoteyestudio

A post shared by Alice Bea Guerin (@knoteyetattoo) on


8. Andrew Gummert

The wise owl is always watching…and he might also be looking in two different directions.

Owl tattoo rocked out today by @andrewgummerart schedule up with him asap!

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9. Beau Geunin

If this dapper gentleman is on his way to a party, send an invite.

Fox from tonight. Thank you Josh. #masterworktattoo #indianapolistattoo

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10. Riggiink – Animal Art Studio

Can you believe this is a cover-up? It looks like it was meant to be all along.

Covered up some old stars she had. The zebra is healed. Enjoy!

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