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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In San Antonio

Naming the best tattoo artists in San Antonio might sound easy, but based on the volume of talented artists in and around the city, it’s quite the challenge! The tattoo artists in San Antonio continually impress clients and tattoo fanatics everywhere with their ability to create true works of art from nothing but dedication, ink, and skin.

If you want to find the best tattoo artists in San Antonio you’re likely only to find a few articles offering any advice or maybe you’ll be presented with an overwhelming array of reviews from a Yelp search. No, thanks. To make things a little more simple, here is a list of 10 amazing San Antonio tattoo artists ready to put their talents to work for you.

1. John Lopez – Wicked Ways Tattoos

His grandfather and cousin were large influences on where he is now as they were both painters.

Finished off this game of thrones inspired piece! #jlopeztattoos #gameofthrones #gameofthronestattoo

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2. Gary Graves

Did you say “I want it to look as realistic as possible”? This man knows how to deliver

3. Jake – Flesh Electric Tattoo

Jake does amazing work (both colored and black and white) made to canvas an entire leg or arm.

tattoo artists in San Antonio

4. Chris – Legion Ink

He knows the importance of detail in large complex pieces, but also their importance in simple pieces.


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5. Carlos Contrera – Inception Tattoo

Of course all tattoos are part of your skin, but Carlos’s personal artistic touch gives his work even more of a natural feel.
tattoo artists in San Antonio

6. Tommy Gunn – Horror House Tattoo

What else is there to say besides “I am Groot!”.

7. Harley Matinez  at Mr Lucky’s Tattoo

Whether you’re looking for spreading chest work or a new spin on an American flag, Harley has you covered.

8. Jenny Siegel – Tattoo Eleven

You want variety? You got it from this artist who with anything from a cartoonish to very realistic piece.


9. Art Hernandez – Timeless Ink

He would love to do more black and grey realism tattoos and is always ready to hear new ideas from his customers

10. Milton Holbrook – San Antonio Rose Tattoo

Whether you ask for an eye-popping color piece or an intricate black and white piece Milton Will deliver.

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