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The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In San Jose

San Jose has a crazy amount of talent when it comes to tattooing. There’s a rich history comprised of many influences and cultures that have produced some incredibly notable tattooists. Tattooing has long been an essential part of the city’s culture, but of course, the recent eruption in tattooing popularity has helped to boost how many people these San Jose tattoo artists are able to create their art with.

It’s amazing how so many differently talented artist can all reside in one city together. Each San Jose tattoo artist has their own style that sets their work apart from their peers and creates a lasting meaning for their visitors.

It was difficult to find a succinct list of the best tattoo artists in San Jose. We could only find somewhat random reviews so we decided to create our own list. We hope you’ll enjoy.

1.  Nicole Palapoli – Body Language Tattoo

2.  Stephy – Black Dolphin Tattoo

Kitty cat for babes ?? #blackdpolhintattoo#sanjosetattoo#santaclaratattoo

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3. Jopie Lee – Guru Tattoo

In addition to the “normal” tattoos people gravitate towards Jopie will be more than happy to accept your erotic side coming out in your tattoo request

4. Trent – Unlimited Ink Tattoo

5. Nick Kartchner

Everyone has their version of a Diablo and Nick’s looks like he’s about to jump off the “canvas” at you.


6. Angel Rodriguez – San Jose Tattoo

Not your average bird tattoo, which is what makes this tattoo so personal.

7.  Jag – Unlimited Ink Tattoo

8. Marina – Black Dolphin Tattoo

Marina really knows to make black and white look coring. Excellent use of color.

Tattoo by @themarinaburrito ?

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9. Naill – Mark Of Art Tattoo

Bear face right on the shin where it belongs. Made by @niall_keogh

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10. Ross Ferrie – Marks Of Art Tattoo

It would have been easy to make this a “flat fish” but Ross’s shading adds an element of depth to this piece that helps it stand out from its wearer.

Tattoo made by Ross Ferrie. Come on down and book a cool tattoo with him!

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