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The Best Modern Tattoo Designs For Men

It can be tough to be inspired when it comes to modern tattoo designs that will stand up against the test of time. While many men love getting vintage style tattoos it can be tough to actually find a modern tattoo that looks like it could have the same amount of staying power as some of that old school navy tattoos or vintage looking pin ups might have. Here are some of the top front runners as the best modern tattoo designs for men that could be popular amongst young people several generations from now.

Realism style tattoos: With the skill of artists that are tattooing today as well as innovations in tattoo machines, inks and design it is possible to create ultra-realistic tattoos. While these can be expensive tattoo designs for men and take many sessions to get perfect, they are stunning pieces that will stand the test of time.

Illustrative Tattoos: modern illustrated tattoos that combine realism with bold images of fantasy or characters from pop-culture are a great way to capture the idea of a particular point in your life. With the intense color saturation as well as very realistic shading styles this is a modern look that combines vintage tattoo techniques with modern technology.

Biomechanical tattoos for men: The biomechanical modern tattoo is a very popular choice. These style tattoos often follow the look of your body and make it look as though your arms and muscles are combined with machinery or robot parts. They are an excellent choice for a sleeve, leg tattoo or chest tattoo.

Neo Traditional style tattoos: Some of the most iconic tattoos in North America are still the original American classic style tattoos as popularized by Sailor Jerry. Neo traditional takes the traditional tattooing or vintage design and adds modern twists like modern style women, animals personified and more.

Use these Top modern styles to inspire you with the best tattoo designs for men.

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