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Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo Designs For Women

Tattoo designs for women are changing especially when it comes to core values and the stigma associated with them. While a woman getting a tattoo was fairly counterculture decades ago, the idea of tattoos for women today is fairly commonplace. There are many styles of tattooing for women that range from classic style retro and traditional tattoos to modern photorealistic recreations of characters, people and more.

According to a PEW research Center survey over 36% of Americans between 18 and 25 have at least one tattoo. Women actually tend to have ink more so than men. Nearly half of women under the ages of 35 have a tattoo in the USA.

With so many people opting for tattoos today it can be tough to find a style of tattoo that generates originality. Here are some top ideas that can really set tattoo designs for women apart:

Photo realistic tattoos: photorealistic tattoos often take extra time but they can be absolutely stunning. In examples like this James Harden Tattoo, we see realistic art that is photo-quality and wearable for a lifetime. Women that wanted to capture a specific moment, family member or idol on their bodies can now do so in a more effective manner than ever before.

New school: new school tattoos that showcase the styling of old-school tattoo styles but with new characters, imagery and modern designs can be a popular favorite amongst women today. This example that comes from Jon Larsen is a perfect example of how colorful, vibrant and traditional and new school tattoo can look.

Traditional tattoos: Because only a small percentage of elderly women and senior women have tattoos, the idea of modern women getting a classic tattoo is still relatively new. A classic tattoo like this one by Brian Henry is a perfect way for modern women to get involved with a traditional tattoo trend that is waining in popularity due to viral trends. 

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