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Tattoo Artists In El Paso

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In El Paso

Naming the best tattoo artists in El Paso is no simple task because there’s an incredible group of talented artists in the city. They have a unique ability to create pure art from ink and skin.

It’s amazing how so many differently talented artist can all reside in one city together. Each tattoo artist in El Paso has their own special style. They set their work apart from their peers in personal ways and create a lasting meaning in each piece.

If you’re searching for the best tattoo artists in El Paso you’re likely only to find a few articles from tattoo sites, a good review for a studio, and maybe even an overwhelming collage of images from an Instagram search. So to make things a little more simple we made a list of 10 amazing El Paso tattoo artists.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” is subjective. Who we include and exclude may raise a few questions. Our goal is to reflect a grouping of artists in an amazing city.


1. Rochelle Lintz – Crimson Veil

Had started this one a bit ago, can't wait to finish it! #rochellelintz #elpasotattoos #crimsonveiltattoo

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2. Alejandro Armendariz – Red Skull Tattoo

Black and grey by artist Alex @rasnana7 #redskulltattoo #blackandgrey #elpasotattoo #tattoo

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3. Stephanie Mo Gutierrez – Blue Panda Tattoo

4. Celina Ward – West Texas Tattoo


5. George – El Paso Tattoo Company

Our personal favorite from this list. Can we all agree that Homer would be a terrible Storm Trooper?

6. Mike Marcel – El Paso Tattoo Company

7. Tonii Florrez – Higher Level Ink

Tonii understands the passions his clients have. His style beautifully captures who they are.

8. Edward Pogo – Do’s & Tattoos


9. Myker – Sun City Tattoo

Incredible work all the way around the arm.

Famileaves @suncitytattoozaragoza

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10. Josh de la Garza – Tattoo Dans

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