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Tattoo Artists In Washington

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists In Washington

Naming the best tattoo artists in Washington is quite a challenge due to the impressive collection of talented artists in the city. Their amazing passion is reflected in the stunning work they create every day.  Washington artists definitely do not shy away from any kind of piece their clients ask for. They will boldly ink anything including pieces with bright colors and extremely intricate details!

If you’re trying to simplify your search for tattoo artists in Washington you’re likely only to find a few articles offering any help. So, we took it upon ourselves to craft a list highlighting the work of some inspiring artists in the city.

Like our other lists, we do understand that the word “best” reflects opinions and perceptions. Not everyone is going to agree with who we include, but our goal is to genuinely reflect the wide variety of talent in the city. Tattoo Artists In Washington pour their heart and soul into their work, enjoy.

1. Chris Graham – Laser Monkey Tattoos

In all honesty this piece could almost be made into a painting and hung on a wall.

2. Morgan Dana – Sunken Ship Tattoo

Fun forearm piece from last night! Thanks again Mike! #sunkenshiptattoo #morgandanatattoos #music #musictattoo #inksplatter

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3. Michael T. Gardner – Tattoo Garden

There never has and never will be anything wrong with rolling it old school with a tattoo.

Classic eagle under the arm. Old school tats are still fun! #americantraditionaltattoo #classictattoo #eagletattoo

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4. Jordan -Storm Tattoos

5. Myke Rivera -Survivor Sunken Ship Tattoo

Some people get some dark images inked on themselves, but here Myke was able to catch the essence of a new word and feeling: “ominous”.


6. Amanda Riner – Slave To The Needle

7. Gina Craig -Gina Craig Tattoos

Look once, and then, look again to see just how much depth has been accounted for in the wings of this piece.

8. Kyle Stacher – Hopeless Tattoo

Halfway covering up a mustache | @hopelesstattoo | #blackwork #blackworkerssubmission #blackinkedart #blackworktattoo

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9. Kyle Oxford – Hopeless Tattoo

Shading and clean lines once again give this tattoo amazing depth and a very real look.

Walk-in from today. #pdxtattoo #rosecity #vancouvertattoo #skulltattoo #boldwillhold

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10. Owen Frick

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