10 Mistakes Of Tattoo Artists Revealed

10 Mistakes Of Tattoo Artists Revealed

10 Mistakes Of Tattoo Artists Revealed

No one is perfect, and this includes tattoo artists. While they make every attempt to create their best work, no artist will ever go without making a mistake throughout their career. Some are excellent at covering them up, and others haven’t become masters of that skill yet. Here are 10 bad tattoo mistakes.

1: Misspellings

Unless you’ve got an eidetic memory or incredible spelling skills, misspellings are going to occur from time to time. Tattoo artists also make mistakes with confusing it’s and its, your and you’re, there, there, and their.

2: Grammar

Tattoo artists also make grammar mistakes like with placing commas in the wrong place, for example, or not using them at all.

3: Incorrect Phrases

A client will tell them one phrase, and they’ll tattoo on an entirely different one.

4: Messing Up Requests

When someone comes in with a picture request, like a photograph for example, and it turns out poorly or entirely wrong, this is one of the worst mistakes that can be made.

5: Size of the Tattoo

The customer had a vision about their tattoo being in a particular part of their body, but the art they chose was disproportionate to the location they wanted.

6: Gaelic Blunders

If the tattoo artist doesn’t know Scottish or have a translation handbook, they could be tattooing Gaelic gibberish onto bodies—permanently.

7: They Did a Less-Than-Perfect Job

Some tattoo artists without proper training spend years making mistakes on people and learning the ropes doing a less-than-perfect job, rather than spending a few years getting the right training.

8: Honouring Requests They Shouldn’t Have

Most tattoo artists won’t honour requests for a tattoo on the face, hands, or neck because they’re often pieces of art that will hold regret later.

9: Use of Bold Lettering

While professional tattoo artists know not to use bold lettering, some have started out using this technique and the results turned out as smudges and blobs under the skin later on.

10: Permanent Make-Up Mistakes

Tattoo artists try their best to get these requests right, but mistakes with colour and shape still occur when doing permanent make-up.

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