10 Awesome Tattoo Fonts For Your Next Piece of Art


10 Awesome Tattoo Fonts For Your Next Piece of Art

Tattoo lettering can be a big choice, find some inspiration in the tattoo fonts below

While we await the painless tattoo removal solution, we still need to be wise with our choices of ink. To help you out with your next work of art, we’ve produced a list of 10 awesome tattoo fonts.


Often confused with calligraphy, script is an elegant form of tattoo lettering. A distinguishing factor between script and calligraphy is the density of the lines; that being, thicker in calligraphy and thinner in script.





Taken right from the streets, graffiti can look awesome in tattoos. Just like the best pieces of Graffiti in your city, add this font to a full scene for a maximum effect.


Traditional Tattoo Font

One of the most beloved tattoo fonts in the world. Trad lettering looks awesome anywhere you place it, but the characters tend to look especially cool on hands and fingers.




Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals aren’t exactly a type of font, but rather one of the most common forms of tattoo lettering. Roman numerals can be expressed through many font types  (calligraphic, traditional, script, serif, etc.)



Serif fonts can be seen as lettering with small lines (or strokes) appended to letters and symbols. Serif, and consequently sans-serif, are characteristics that can be applied to most tattoo fonts.


Pointillistic Tattoo Font

A really neat way to bring out text from a fresh piece of skin. The world has a love affair with pointillism, so why not throw it into your arsenal. This can also be looked at as a form of ‘block lettering’.



A loose style that looks excellent with quotations and signatures. Handwriting differs from script as a tattoo font, in that it’s not presented in cursive.


Celtic Tattoo Font

Celtic tattoo fonts are an age old classic. It’s best used when mixed with items from it’s tradition such as Triquetra, Celtic Knots, Triskelion, and Crosses.


Olde English

Heavier and blockier than calligraphic forms, Olde English works best on a large scale. It’s often seen on chests, backs, stomachs and forearms.



One of the great tattoo fonts if you’re looking for a large chest or back piece, work on your stomach, or as a forearm tattoo. The large elegant lettering is bold, traditional, and immediately distinguishable. Calligraphy is the art of lettering with a broad tip instrument and can be applied to all forms of tattoo lettering.



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