Did You Know Tattooing Helps Relieve the Common Cold?


Did You Know Tattooing Helps Relieve the Common Cold?

We’re all actively seeking new ways to stay healthy and boost our immune systems before the cold and flu season hits. However, did you know tattooing helps relieve the common cold? The good news is, those who get tattoos have a lower risk of developing infections because the act strengthens their immunological responses. While there’s no cure for common colds, it’s exciting that this study found evidence concluding tattooing could help with the battle.

Temporarily Lowers Resistance

Because tattooing is physically draining, much like working out or other muscular activities, your body will begin building up a resistance. It’s a similar experience with tattooing. Your skin and muscles are sore and tender after your first tattoo experience and, with each subsequent visit, you’ll feel that tenderness and soreness begin fading. Your internet set points will readjust, like with working out, and move higher and allow you to achieve greater strength with each tattoo.

Voluntary Candidates

When volunteers from a tattoo shop participated in this study, researchers found analyzed saliva samples that were taken before and after their experience with tattooing. The purpose of doing so was to measure the levels of immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody lining portions of an individual’s respiratory and gastrointestinal system. Researchers also measured cortisol, which is a stress hormone which suppresses the immune response.

The Results?

Once the measurements in these samples were thoroughly analyzed, researchers could conclude that there was a significant drop in immunoglobulin A when individuals were tattooed for the first time. However, when there were people who were receiving subsequent tattoos, the drop was less. Researchers expected to see this result. When a person receives a tattoo, this antibody mobilizes and fights possible infections where the new tattoo is located.

The Controversy?

There’s another study in The American Journal of Human Biology stating that, when you get a new tattoo, your stress levels rise. The result is a drop in your immune system, and you’ll end up with the common cold. That’s when the controversy regarding if getting a tattoo will fight a cold or cause one comes in. Because these studies are both new, the jury is still out.

This study is the first of its kind, and it’s an exciting breakthrough regarding a trendy art form in conjunction with medical science. How this research will continue moving forward remains to be seen. However, it isn’t going to stop as researchers keep looking for answers to our pressing medical questions.

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