Tattoos As Wedding Rings


Tattoos As Wedding Rings

While it’s tradition to exchange rings as a means of sealing nuptials, a new trend is taking center stage – tattoos as wedding rings. Rather than wearing matching wedding bands, couples are instead going to a tattoo artist and choosing ink. Because it’s more difficult to remove a tatto than it is to take off a ring, some couples believe using permanent artwork to signify a stronger bond during the ceremony.

More Cost Effective

Not only is tattooing becoming more mainstream, including tattoos as wedding rings, but it’s also a more cost effective in comparison to purchasing jewelry. While rings are beautiful and can become an heirloom piece to pass on to another generation, these pieces are costly to purchase, repair, and replace if they become lost. When tattoos that are wedding rings come into play, they can eliminate these issues.

Choices for Tattoos as Wedding Rings

What are couples choosing? Some couples are choosing simple bands to emulate those that are similar to what they would wear if they made the decision to purchase traditional jewelry. Others are using a bit more creativity and:

  • Selecting calligraphy featuring his and her initials together in one tattoo
  • Choosing symbols that have to do with professions, hobbies, or their love
  • Using a combination of decorative lines, symbols, and initials in one tattoo

Some couples are adding bits of colour, like a little red in a heart for example, while others are opting for an all-black tattoo. The addition of a small amount of color helps make the tattoo stand out a bit, but the use of black still creates a dramatic and beautiful look.

Is it Still Expensive?

Should the marriage break down and come to an end, tattoo removal costs can add up. However, if the design of the original tattoo is basic, it’s possible to modify it to create another. This option may not be appealing to some who would rather not have a reminder of the dissolved relationship in their left hand. However, it may be a viable option to others who would rather avoid the pain and expense of trying to remove their tattoos as wedding rings.

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