The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in London

The 10 Best Tattoo Artists in London

Like it’s rock and roll scene, London’s tattoo scene is storied. There are a buttload of tattooists to chose from and some really big shops. Picking a mere handful of individuals to label your “10 best artists in London” is no easy task.

Due to this difficulty, we don’t like to think of this specific list as our “10 best” persay, but rather a look at our 10 favorites of the moment.

There are some good reads on the scene on TimeOut and Standard. Yet, it was tough to locate an artist focused list, rather than shop. We felt we should create our own.

Without further adieu, we give you our 10 best tattoo artists in London:


Damien J. ThornSang Bleu

Hailing from the coveted Sang Bleu, Damien has a gorgeous neo-trad style that often incorporates Japanese elements such as chrysanthemums, peony’s, and characters like Hannya. Damien works exclusively in black ink – which gets the total FORM seal of approval. Read our shop profile on Sang Bleu right here.

Matt BlackGood Times Tattoo

Matt Black will blow your mind. It’s tough to do this type of work justice with written word, just take a look for yourself. If Matt keeps up this work, he’ll be a shoe in for our soon to be released “best tattoo artists in the world”. Read our shop profile on Good Times Tattoo right here.

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Valerie Vargas – Modern Classic

Co-owner and tattooer at Modern Classic, Valerie Vargas knows her ink. With so many amazing works of art, picking her showcase image was virtually impossible. Case and point: here, here, and here. For more things Val, catch up on her blog, and/or pickup some Modern Classic swag in the online store.

Raph Cemo – Kids Love Ink

Black work is sweeping the nation like Ebola. However setting him apart from the pack, Raph has an unmistakable and flattering blackwork style that compliments it’s respective placement on the body – and is not just black for the sake of black. We really like what he’s doing and hope he keeps up the good work. Check out this really sweet video someone made of Cemo back in 2013. 

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Kamil Mocet Terczynski Kamil Tattoos

Breaking us from the blackwork mold, Kamil is an insanely talented artist with the propensity to produce mind melting imagery and aptly placed splashes of color. If you’re looking for something realistic, colorful, and downright amazing – head over to Kamil Tattoos and get yourself a seat.

Nicki Kelis – Sang Bleu

What’s not to love about Nicki? He’s got a super fun style and some of the cleaner lines in the biz. As a freelance artist, Nicki is often travelling, but you can try to catch in him on London time at TBA locations – or if you’re lucky, book with him at the Sydney Tattoo Expo this upcoming March. Make sure to check out his store

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Maxime Buchi – Sang Bleu

There isn’t enough we can say about the legendary Maxime. Founder of Sang Bleu and an entire culture of art, Maxime’s style is second to none; it permeates through the London tattoo scene. Everything that comprises the Sang Bleu brand arguably makes him one of the best tattoo artists in London, or, at least the most proficient tattoo marketer the city has to offer. This feature image below is comprised of a sleeve done by Maxime, and a back piece from Alexander Grim.

Nick Whybrow – Jayne Doe

Just outside of London (in Hornchurch) you can find a delightfully bearded tattooist named Nick Whybrow. Focusing intently on traditional Nick has developed a reputation for himself as a go to for the style.

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Sam RickettsThe Great Western Tattoo Club

Another out of towner (from Swindon) Sam Ricketts definitely deserves some acclaim on our list of the best tattoo artists in London; we have no Swindon article slated in the near future and we really wanted to get him in here.

InmaThe Family Business

Last but not least, we have Inma. As a well known face in the London scene who is published in many of the largest tattoo magazines on the planet, it wouldn’t be fair to let her escape this list. It’s tough to get a seat with Inma, but even if you can’t you’ll be in the hands of some very capable artists at The Family Business

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