Top 5 Spots Tattoos Artists Refuse to Ink


Top 5 Spots Tattoos Artists Refuse to Ink

Looking at trending photos of tattoos on sites like Instagram or Pinterest is something we can all easily do, but not all of these artistic creations are readily approved by tattoo artists. While many of these tattoos appear innocent, the artists have their reasons for disapproving. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons artists refuse to ink.

1: Face

Tattoo artists don’t like inking on a client’s face and will often refuse to do this. The main reason is that, in addition to making a bold statement and becoming your identity, these tattoos will hinder your potential for future employment in a significant way. No one believes this is fair, and the judgments are wrong, but it’s reality nonetheless.

2: Feet

You’re going to have a hard time locating tattoo artists who will tattoo feet because this ink is difficult to heal and you’ll have to keep shoes, as well as socks, off your feet for days. If you can manage to find an artist who will tattoo your feet, you must take careful consideration and planning where the tattoo will go.

3: Hands

Your hands are in constant motion and, like feet, this area is difficult to heal. Therefore, tattoo artists tend to refuse to ink in this area. For several days, everyone will have to do everything for you if you want your tattoo to heal correctly–and the chances of that occurring are slim. Because tattoo artists don’t want to deal with the drama of clients returning because their tattoo didn’t survive the frequent hand motion, they often refuse to work on hands.

4: Neck

While the tattoo phenomenon has grown into an accepted pop culture trend, those who get them on their neck are still regarded as associated with criminal activity, gangs, or adverse lifestyles. The appearance of this tattoo will weigh on all future life decisions. Therefore, the refusal of this tattoo by an artist is more likely than not.

5: Watercolor Tattooing

While tattoo artists aren’t refusing this ink yet, they may begin. The biggest argument so far is that they won’t age well because there are no crisp lines and the ink will start spreading. The tattoos haven’t been around long enough for this argument to hold water–yet–but artists believe the new trend won’t last because, historically, similar tattoos haven’t looked good when aging.

Image: Howard Sandford

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